Hanover Chapel Baptism Registers 1801-54

There are two baptism registers from the time of Dr. Collyer's ministry.  The first runs from 1801 to 1837 and is in The National Archives (reference RG4/4281).  The second register records baptisms from 1837, and also contains copy entries from the first volume.  It is held at the Southwark Local History Library (reference 392/15).  This register was still in use until 1879.  Please use the links below to access transcripts and indexes.  The following table compares the two registers:


First Register

Second Register

  Number of baptisms       814       931*
  Date of baptism       Yes       Yes
  Place of baptism       No#       Yes
  Date/place of birth       Yes       No^
  Parents' names       Yes       Yes
  Parents' residence       No       Yes
  Witnesses' names       Yes       No

*This is the number of baptisms up to the point of Dr. Collyer's death in January 1854. #In a small number of cases (35), the baptism place was named (especially if it was not Hanover Chapel). ^only 11 out of the 931 unique baptism entries in the second register record the date/place of birth


~ Transcript of the first Register (1801-1837)
~ Transcript of the second Register (1837-1854)
~ Index to the Parents of Those Baptised (both Registers)
~ Index to Witnesses (first Register only)
~ Biographical Notes
~ Statistical Analyses (currently, first Register only)
~ Registration Commission Circular (regarding the first Register)

Images from the first register on this site appear with the kind permission of The National Archives.