Subscribers to Dr. Collyer's Works

The following is an alphabetical list of subscribers to six of Dr. Collyer's works - Lectures on Scripture Prophecy (1809), Lectures on Scripture Miracles (1812), Lectures on Scripture Parables (1815), Lectures on Scripture Doctrines (1818), Lectures on Scripture Duties (1819), and Lectures on Scripture Comparison (1823):


Abbot, Rev. Mr., Wymondham, Norfolk, Duties (1819)
Abbott, Mr., 31, Leather-lane, Prophecy (1809)
Abbot, Mr., Old College, Homerton, Miracles (1812)
Acton, Miss, Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Adams, Miss, Fore-street, Duties (1819)
Adams, Miss, 49, Fore-street, Cripplegate, Comparison (1823)
Addis, Mr. Timothy, Freeman's Wharf, Tooley-street, Doctrines (1818)
Addison, Col., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Parables (1815)
Addison, Colonel, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Doctrines (1818)
Addison, John, Esq., Homerton, Parables (1815)
Addison, John, Esq., Homerton, Doctrines (1818)
Addison, John, Esq., Homerton, Duties (1819)
Addison, Thomas, Esq., Ludgate-street, Miracles (1812)
Addison, Lieut. Col., Sudbury, Suffolk, Duties (1819)
Adlard, Mr. Charles, 27, Windsor-terrace, Comparison (1823)
Adlard, Mr., 27, Nelson-street, City-road, Comparison (1823)
Ainsley, Joseph, Esq., London-street, Crutched Friars, Prophecy (1809)
Ainsley, Joseph, Esq., London-street, Crutched-friars, Miracles (1812)
Ainsley, Peter, Esq., Leman-street, Goodman's-fields, Prophecy (1809)
Ainsley, Peter, Esq., Leman-street, Goodman's-fields, Miracles (1812)
Aitchison, Mr. John, 31, Poland-street, Prophecy (1809)
Alcot, the Rev. Mr., 4, Southampton-place, New-road, Miracles (1812)
Alder, Mr. Daniel, Hackney-road, Prophecy (1809)
Aldis, Mr. C. J., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Alers, William, Esq., Fenchurch-street, Miracles (1812)
Alexander, Mr., Mark-lane, Parables (1815)
Alexander, Mr. W., Ordnance Office, Tower, Doctrines (1818)
Alexander, Mr., Ordnance Tower, Duties (1819)
Alexander, Rev. John, Ordnance Office, Tower, Doctrines (1818)
Alger, Mr., Minories, Parables (1815)
Alger, Mr. James, 56, Minories, Doctrines (1818)
Alldin, Miss, Miles's-lane, Upper-Thames-street, Prophecy (1809)
Allen, Mrs., Finsbury-place, Duties (1819)
Allen, Thomas, East Dulwich, Doctrines (1818)
Allin, the Rev. Thomas, Hockley Chapel, Nottingham, Miracles (1812)
Allingham, Mrs. Sarah, Union-street, Borough, Duties (1819)
Allport, -, Esq., Bombay, Parables (1815)
Allport, -, Esq., Bombay, Doctrines (1818)
Allport, Mrs., Camberwell, Comparison (1823)
Allport, Mr. Thomas, Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Allport, Mr., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Allport, Thomas, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Allport, Thomas, Esq., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Almond, Mr., Cheapside, Miracles (1812)
Amery, Mr., Pontefract, Doctrines (1818)
Amery, Mr., Pontefract, Duties (1819)
Ames, Daniel, Esq., Norwich, Miracles (1812)
Anderson, Capt., Brighton-place, Miracles (1812)
Anderson, Mr. Robert, Great Hermitage-street, Doctrines (1818)
Anderson, Mr. Robert, Wapping, Duties (1819)
Anderson, Mr., Great Hermitage-street, Wapping, Comparison (1823)
Andrews, Captain, Bartley, Hants., Doctrines (1818)
Andrews, Mr. G., Dean-street, Tooley-street, Duties (1819)
Andrews, George, Esq., Dean-street, Catterbury-square, Comparison (1823)
Andrews, Mr. J., 61, St. Paul's Churchyard, Doctrines (1818)
Andrews, Mr. James, St. Paul's Church-yard, Duties (1819)
Andrews, Mr., St. Paul's Churchyard, Parables (1815)
Andrews, Mr., St. Paul's Churchyard, Doctrines (1818)
Andrews, Mr., St. Paul's Church-yard, Duties (1819)
Andrews, Mr., Western-street Brewery, Parables (1815)
Andrews, Mr., Weston-street Brewery, Doctrines (1818)
Anstie, Mr. Alfred, Gracechurch-street, Miracles (1812)
Apsey, Mr., Houndsditch, Parables (1815)
Apsey, Mr., Houndsditch, Doctrines (1818)
Ardlie, Mr., 118, Great Surrey-street, Doctrines (1818)
Arpthorpe, Mr., Borough, Comparison (1823)
Ashley, Mr. Henry, 70, Leonard-street, Miracles (1812)
Ashley, Mr. H., Lord Mayor's Court Office, Doctrines (1818)
Ashley, Mr. H., Lord Mayor's Court-Office, Duties (1819)
Ashlin, William, Esq., Crawford, Miracles (1812)
Askcough, Miss, Charter-house-square, Prophecy (1809)
Ayscough, Mrs. Frances, Charter-house-square, Miracles (1812)
Athern, Miss, 2, Surrey-place, Kent-road, Comparison (1823)
Atkins, John, Kent-place, Kent-road, Doctrines (1818)
Atkins, Mr., Kent-road, Comparison (1823)
Atkinson, John, Esq., 15, Abchurch-lane, Lombard-street, Doctrines (1818)
Aust, Leonard, Esq., General Post-office, Prophecy (1809)
Aust, Leonard, Esq., General-post-office, Miracles (1812)
Austin, Mr. Thomas, Hill-street, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Austin, Mr. Thomas, Hill-street, Peckham, Duties (1819)
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Babington, William, M.D., F.R.S., Prophecy (1809)
Babington, William, M.D., F.R.S., Miracles (1812)
Babington, William, M.D. F.R.S., Parables (1815)
Babington, William, M.D. F.R.S., Aldermanbury, Duties (1819)
Babington, William, M.D. F.R.S., Aldermanbury, Doctrines (1818)
Babington, William, M.D. F.R.S., Aldermanbury, Comparison (1823)
Backler, Mr. James, 9, Hertford-street, Fitzroy-square, Prophecy (1809)
Badcock, Mr. I., Queen's-head-passage, Newgate-street, Miracles (1812)
Bailey, Mr. James, Cheapside, Prophecy (1809)
Baily, -, Esq., East Dulwich, Doctrines (1818)
Baily, Farmer, Esq., East Dulwich, Duties (1819)
Baird, Lady, Mansion-house, Camberwell, Prophecy (1809)
Baker, Miss, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Barber, Ebenezer, Esq., Parables (1815)
Barber, Ebenezer, Esq., Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Barber, Ebenezer, Esq., Camberwell, Duties (1819)
Barber, Joseph, Esq., Camberwell, Parables (1815)
Barber, Mr. Joseph, Cottage-green, Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Barber, Joseph, Camberwell, Duties (1819)
Barber, Mr. J., jun., Surrey-square, Kent-road, Duties (1819)
Barber, Joseph, Esq., Cowper's-court, Cornhill, Comparison (1823)
Barber, Mr. Joseph, 12, Surrey-square, Comparison (1823)
Barber, Mr. Samuel, Cheapside, Parables (1815)
Barber, Mr. S., Cheapside, Doctrines (1818)
Barber, S. N., Esq., Denmark-hill, Parables (1815)
Barber, S. N. Esq., Denmark-hill, Duties (1819)
Barber, S. N., Esq., Cornhill, Comparison (1823)
Barber, Stephen, Esq., Camberwell, Parables (1815)
Barber, Stephen, Esq., Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Barfield, Mrs., Wardour-street, Miracles (1812)
Barlow, Mr. H., jun., Stockport, Miracles (1812)
Barlow, Mr. H., sen., Stockport, Miracles (1812)
Barlow, Mr. Henry, jun., Stockport, Parables (1815)
Barrett, Mr. Samuel, 31, Castle-street, Prophecy (1809)
Basett, R. C., Esq., York-place, Baker-street, Miracles (1812)
Bassano, Mr., Thames-street, Prophecy (1809)
Bassano, Mr., Thames-street, Miracles (1812)
Bateman, Mr. William, 55, Chiswell-street, Doctrines (1818)
Bates, Mr. Joseph, 76, Cheapside, Prophecy (1809)
Bates, Mr. Joseph, Charlotte-street, Mansion-house, Miracles (1812)
Bates, Mr. W. G., Hoxton, Prophecy (1809)
Batger, Mr. John, Princess-square, St. George, East, Duties (1819)
Batho, Mr., Houndsditch, Prophecy (1809)
Bayley, Mr., 14, Barbican, Miracles (1812)
Bayman, Mr. R., Harlowe, Prophecy (1809)
Baynes, Mr., Paternoster-row, Parables (1815)
Bazett, R. C., Esq., York Place, Portman-square, Parables (1815)
Beattie, Mr., Bank Side, Parables (1815)
Beattie, Mr. George, Horse-shoe-alley, Bankside, Doctrines (1818)
Beattie, Mr. George, Horse Shoe-alley, Bankside, Duties (1819)
Beatty, Mrs., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Beaty, Miss, Newport Pagnel, Comparison (1823)
Beazley, Miss, Duke-street, Westminster, Prophecy (1809)
Beck, Mr. John, Globe-terrace, Mile-end, Duties (1819)
Bedell, James, Esq., Charmouth, Dorsetshire, Comparison (1823)
Bedford, Miss, 79, St. Paul's Church-yard, Duties (1819)
Bee, Mrs., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Bee, Mrs., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Bee, Mrs., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Bee, Mrs. Elizabeth, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Bee, Mrs., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Bee, Mr., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Beer, Mr., Tottenham, Middlesex, Prophecy (1809)
Beety, Miss, Newport Pagnal, Doctrines (1818)
Beharril, Mr. I., 49, Fore-street, Miracles (1812)
Bell, Mr., Hoxton Academy, Parables (1815)
Bell, Mr., Jamaica-row, Rotherhithe, Parables (1815)
Belson, Mr. Thomas, Monkwell-street, Prophecy (1809)
Belston, Mr. Thomas, Monkwell-street, Miracles (1812)
Benham, Miss, 51, Upper East-Smithfield, Prophecy (1809)
Benham, Miss S., Blackfriar's road, Miracles (1812)
Benham, Miss, 14, Ely-place, Holborn, Doctrines (1818)
Benham, Mr., 51, Upper East-Smithfield, Prophecy (1809)
Benham, Mr. T. T., Blackfriar's-road, Miracles (1812)
Benham, W., Esq., Jewry-street, Comparison (1823)
Bennett, Mr. Thomas, Botolph-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Bennett, Mr. Thomas, Botolph-lane, Duties (1819)
Bentley, Miss, Knightsbridge, Miracles (1812)
Benwell, R. Esq., Bank of England, Duties (1819)
Bernard, Captain Charles, 16, Little-Moorgate, London-wall, Miracles (1812)
Bernard, Capt. Charles, Wellington-place, Duties (1819)
Bernard, Capt. Charles, Wellington-place, Comparison (1823)
Berry, Rev. C., Hatfield Heath, Parables (1815)
Berry, Mr. C., Whitechapel-road, Duties (1819)
Berry, Mr. Charles, 120, Whitechapel-road, Comparison (1823)
Best, Abraham, 66, Bishopsgate-street-within, Miracles (1812)
Bevan, David, Esq., Lombard-street, Doctrines (1818)
Bevan, D. Esq., Lombard-street, Duties (1819)
Biggs, Mr. Henry, St. Mary Hill, Parables (1815)
Binfield, Mr. William, Norton Falgate, Prophecy (1809)
Binfield, Mr., Norton Falgate, Parables (1815)
Bisset, Mr., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Black, Mr. James, 9, York-street, Prophecy (1809)
Black, Mr. James, York-street, Covent-garden, Miracles (1812)
Blackburn, Rev. J., Fenchenfield, Essex, Parables (1815)
Blacket, Mr., Southwark, Comparison (1823)
Blackhall, Mr., Basinghall-street, Prophecy (1809)
Blackhall, Mr., Basinghall-street, Miracles (1812)
Blake, Miss Sarah, 27, Sun-street, Miracles (1812)
Blake, Miss, Bishopsgate-street, Miracles (1812)
Blanshard, Mrs., Judd-street, Duties (1819)
Blith & Miller, Messrs., 58 Watling-street, Doctrines (1818)
Blore, Edward, Esq., Goswell-street-road, Parables (1815)
Blore, Edward, Esq., Goswell-street-road, Doctrines (1818)
Blose, Mr., 44, Strand, Doctrines (1818)
Blunstone, Mr. John, Wilford, near Nottingham, Prophecy (1809)
Boffham, Mr. John, 5, Owen's Court, Goswell-street Road, Doctrines (1818)
Bogher, Mr. John, Copenhagen-wharf, Limehouse, Miracles (1812)
Bolton, James, Esq. Meeting-house-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Bolton, Mr. Joseph, Meeting-lane, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Bolton, Mrs., Meeting-house-lane, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Bond, Mrs., Stoke Newington, Parables (1815)
Booth, Mr., Devonshire-street, Queen-square, Prophecy (1809)
Booth, Mr., Devonshire-street, Queen's-square, Miracles (1812)
Bore, Mr. James, Commercial-road, Prophecy (1809)
Bore, T., 13, Commercial-road, Miracles (1812)
Bore, Mr., Commercial-road, Parables (1815)
Bore, Mr. Thomas, 13, Commercial Road, Doctrines (1818)
Bore, Mr. Thomas, Commercial-road, Duties (1819)
Bore, Mr. Thomas, 13, Commercial-road, Comparison (1823)
Bosher, Mr. John, Copenhagen Wharf, Parables (1815)
Boswell, Mr., Thatched-house-row, Islington, Doctrines (1818)
Bourne, Mr. Thomas, Writing-master, Hackney, Prophecy (1809)
Bourn, Mr., Hackney, Miracles (1812)
Bourn, Mr. Thomas, Writing Master, Hackney, Doctrines (1818)
Bourne, Mr., Hackney, Duties (1819)
Bower, Mrs., Doctrines (1818)
Bower, Mrs., Duties (1819)
Bowers, Mr., Peckham-rye, Doctrines (1818)
Bowmer, Mr., Charles-street, Horsley-down, Parables (1815)
Box, Mr. James, 20, Featherston-street, City-road, Miracles (1812)
Boyce, Mr., Guy's Hospital, Doctrines (1818)
Boyce, Mrs., Guy's Hospital, Doctrines (1818)
Boyce, Mrs., Guy's-hospital, Duties (1819)
Bradley, Mrs., Mile-end, Prophecy (1809)
Brain, Mr. R., Birchin-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Brair, Mr. Mac, [MacBrair?] Park Cottage, Doctrines (1818)
Brands, Mr. James, 55, Blackman-street, Borough, Comparison (1823)
Brent, Mr., Comparison (1823)
Brewer, Miss, Clapham-common, Miracles (1812)
Brewer, Mr. S. K., Charles-street, Spitalfields, Prophecy (1809)
Brewer, Mr. S. K., Church-street, Spital-fields, Miracles (1812)
Brewer, Mr. William, Reading, Prophecy (1809)
Brewin, Francis, Esq., Kent-road, Parables (1815)
Brewin, Francis, Esq., Kent-road, Doctrines (1818)
Brewin, Francis, Esq., Kent-road, Duties (1819)
Bridcutt, Mr. Henry, 2, St. Mildred's-court, Comparison (1823)
Bridge, Miss Mary Anne, Stratford, Essex, Doctrines (1818)
Bright, Captain, Charlton, Miracles (1812)
Bright, Mr., Gutter-lane, Miracles (1812)
Britten, Mr. John, Leadenhall-street, Prophecy (1809)
Britton, Mr. John, Leadenhall-street, Miracles (1812)
Broadhurst, Miss, Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Broadhurst, Miss, Mesdames Brown & Stokes, Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Brown & Stokes, Mesd., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Brown & Stokes, Mesd., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Brown & Stokes, Mesdames, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Brown & Stokes, Messrs., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Brown & Stokes, Mesd[ames], Peckham, Duties (1819)
Brown & Stokes, Mesdames, Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Browne, Mr. Henry, Bristol , Prophecy (1809)
Browne, Mr. Henry, Bristol, Miracles (1812)
Brown, Henry, Esq., Bristol, Parables (1815)
Brown, Henry, Esq., Bristol, Doctrines (1818)
Browne, Henry, Esq., Bristol, Duties (1819)
Brown, James Baldwin, Esq., 10, Harcourt-buildings, Temple, Duties (1819)
Brown, J. B., Esq., LL.D., Comparison (1823)
Brown, Joseph, Esq., 3, Albany-road, Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Brown, Joseph, Esq., Camberwell, Duties (1819)
Brown, Mr. James, Heaton-lane, Stockport, Miracles (1812)
Brown, Mr. James, Elbow-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Brown, Mrs., Raven-row, Spital-fields, Doctrines (1818)
Browne, Rev. William, near Gibraltar Chapel, Bethnal-green, Prophecy (1809)
Brown, the Rev. William, Enfield, Miracles (1812)
Brown, Rev. Wm., Gibraltar Chapel, Church-street, Bethnal-green-road, Parables (1815)
Brown, Rev. W., Bethnal-green-road, Duties (1819)
Browne, Samuel, Esq., Camberwell, Prophecy (1809)
Brown, Samuel, Esq., Camberwell, Miracles (1812)
Brown, Samuel, Esq., St. Mary-hill, Duties (1819)
Brown, Samuel, Esq., 2, St. Mary's-hill, Comparison (1823)
Browne, Mr. George, Walworth, Parables (1815)
Browne, George, Esq., Walworth, Doctrines (1818)
Browne, Mr. George, Crosby-row, Walworth, Duties (1819)
Browning, Mr. John, 10, Myrtle-street, Gloucester-terrace, Miracles (1812)
Bryant, Mr. Edward, 11, Finsbury-square, Miracles (1812)
Bryson, Miss, Snaresbrook-house, Essex, Duties (1819)
Buchan, the Right Hon. the Earl of, Prophecy (1809)
Buchan, the Right Honourable the Earl of, etc., Miracles (1812)
Buchan, the Right Honourable the Earl of, Parables (1815)
Buchan, the Right Hon. the Earl of, Duties (1819)
Buckley, Mr. Thomas, 15, Elliott's-row, Lambeth, Doctrines (1818)
Bullock, Mr., Cateaton-street, Duties (1819)
Bulmer, H. M., Esq., Penton-street, Pentonville, Parables (1815)
Bunn, Mr. W. F., 43, Hoxton-square, Doctrines (1818)
Bunting, Mr. Henry, Sunbury, Parables (1815)
Bunting, Mr., Bow Church-yard, Duties (1819)
Bunting, Mr., 5, Bow-church-yard, Comparison (1823)
Bunting, Mrs. Elizabeth, Long Buckley, Northamptonshire, Duties (1819)
Burden, Mr., Fleet-Street, Miracles (1812)
Burden, Mr., Temple-street, White-friars, Miracles (1812)
Burder, Rev. Mr., Hatton-garden, Prophecy (1809)
Burder, the Rev. George, Camberwell, Miracles (1812)
Burder, Rev. George, Parables (1815)
Burford, Mr. J. W., Blackman-street, Parables (1815)
Burford, William, 77, Blackman-street, Doctrines (1818)
Burgess, Mr., Lutterworth, Parables (1815)
Burgess, Mrs., Duties (1819)
Burkett, Miss, Artillery-court, Parables (1815)
Burkill and Hudson, Messrs., Cheapside, Doctrines (1818)
Burn, Colonel, Woolwich, Prophecy (1809)
Burn, General, Woolwich, Miracles (1812)
Burn, Mr., Barbican, Prophecy (1809)
Burn, Mr., Barbican, Miracles (1812)
Burosse, Miss, Bermondsey New-road, Duties (1819)
Burrosse, Miss, 1, Bermondsey New-road, Comparison (1823)
Burrel, Mr. G., Thetford, Miracles (1812)
Burroughs, Mr., Castle-street, Falcon-square, Prophecy (1809)
Burroughs, Mr., Castle-street, Falcon-square, Miracles (1812)
Burton, Miss, Miracles (1812)
Burton, Mr. Samuel, Houndsditch, Prophecy (1809)
Burton, Mr. S., Leadenhall-street, Miracles (1812)
Burton, S., 156, Leadenhall-street, Doctrines (1818)
Burton, Mr. S., Leadenhall-street, Duties (1819)
Bury, Jeremiah, Esq., Stockport, Miracles (1812)
Bury, Jeremiah, Esq., Bower House, Hope Hill, Stockport, Parables (1815)
Buszard, M. Esq., Lutterworth, Parables (1815)
Buszard, Marston, Esq., Lutterworth, Doctrines (1818)
Buszard, Marston, Esq., Lutterworth, Duties (1819)
Butler, Mr. R., 67, Gracechurch-street, Prophecy (1809)
Buxton, John, Esq., Camberwell, Prophecy (1809)
Buxton, Mr. John, Camberwell, Miracles (1812)
Buxton, John, Esq., Denmark-hill, Camberwell, Comparison (1823)
Buxton, Dr., Camberwell, Comparison (1823)
Buxton, Mrs., Addington-place, Camberwell, Miracles (1812)
Buxton, Mrs., Addington-place, Parables (1815)
Buxton, Mrs., Addington-place, Duties (1819)
Buxton, Mrs., Addington-place, Camberwell, Comparison (1823)
Bye, John, Esq., Clapham, Prophecy (1809)
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Caddiwould, Mr. Thomas, Kimberley, Duties (1819)
Cade, Mr. James, Baker-street (north), Portman-square, Prophecy (1809)
Campion, Mr. T. F., Pentonville, Prophecy (1809)
Campion, Mr. F. F., Pentonville, Miracles (1812)
Campion, Mr., Pentonville, Parables (1815)
Campion, Mr., Gray's-inn-square, Doctrines (1818)
Cannon, Mr. Stephen, Park, Greenwich, Duties (1819)
Cantwell, Mrs. Robert, Great Marlbprough-street, Duties (1819)
Cantwell, Mrs. Robert, 20, Great Marlborough-street, Comparison (1823)
Card, Mr., 11, Houndsditch, Prophecy (1809)
Carnarvon, Thomas, Esq., Greenwich, Duties (1819)
Carnarvon, Thomas, Esq., Greenwich, Comparison (1823)
Carpenter, Mr. H. L., Badleigh, Devon, Duties (1819)
Carrey, Mrs., Camberwell-grove, Prophecy (1809)
Carrey, Mrs., Grove-lane, Camberwell, Miracles (1812)
Carruthers, Mr. Richard, 11, Lower Thames-street, Doctrines (1818)
Carter, Mr., Blackman-street, Borough, Comparison (1823)
Cartwright, Thos., Esq. Stockport, Parables (1815)
Cattlin, Mr., Camberwell, Prophecy (1809)
Cattlin, Mr., South Church, Prophecy (1809)
Caulier, William, Esq., Bank of England, Prophecy (1809)
Caulier, W., Esq., Bank of England, Miracles (1812)
Cecil, Mr. Joseph, Upper Thames-street, Duties (1819)
Chace, Miss, Beckford-row, Walworth, Prophecy (1809)
Chaffey, Mr., student, Ackminster academy, Prophecy (1809)
Chaffey, Mr., student, Axminster, Miracles (1812)
Chaille, Mr., East India House, Miracles (1812)
Challis, Mr. Thomas, jun. Fore-street, Cripplegate, Doctrines (1818)
Challis, Mr. Thomas, jun., Caroline-place, City-road, Duties (1819)
Chambers, Captain George, Messrs. Paul and Watson's East India Chambers, Miracles (1812)
Chambers, G. G., Esq., Prophecy (1809)
Champion, Lieut. R. N., Great Surrey-street, Duties (1819)
Channel, Mr., Hill-street, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Channel, Mrs., Hill-street, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Channell, Mrs., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Chaplin, Mr. Thomas, Harlow, Essex, Miracles (1812)
Chaplin, the Rev. William, Bishop Stortford, Herts, Miracles (1812)
Chapman, Mr. Joseph, Camden-row, Bethnal-green, Prophecy (1809)
Chapman, Mrs., 19, Camden-row, Bethnal-green road, Miracles (1812)
Chapman, Rev. Mr., Greenwich, Parables (1815)
Chapman, Rev. Mr., Greenwich, Doctrines (1818)
Chapman, Rev. Mr., Greenwich, Duties (1819)
Chappel, Mr., Bell's-gardens, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Chappel, Mr., 2, Princes-street, Finsbury-square, Doctrines (1818)
Charles, Mrs., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Charles, Mrs, Peckham-Rye-lane, Parables (1815)
Chater, Nathaniel, Esq., St. Dunstan's-hill, Miracles (1812)
Chatteris, Thomas, Esq., Cornhill, Miracles (1812)
Chatteris, -, Esq., Lombard-street, Prophecy (1809)
Chatteris, William, Esq., Lombard-street, Prophecy (1809)
Chatteris, William, Esq., Lombard-street, Miracles (1812)
Chesterton, Miss, Rotherhithe, Miracles (1812)
Chesterton, Mr., Rotherhithe, Miracles (1812)
Chimier, Miss, Reading, Miracles (1812)
Ching, Mrs., Brixton-common, Miracles (1812)
Chinner, Miss, Reading, Prophecy (1809)
Chippendale, Mr. John, 130, Bunhill-row, Prophecy (1809)
Chippendale, Mr. John, 130, Bunhill-row, Miracles (1812)
Chirgivin, Mr. E. J., Lornbard-street, Parables (1815)
Christian, Mr. B. J., Deal, Kent, Prophecy (1809)
Church, Mr. John, Schoolmaster, Deptford, Comparison (1823)
Church, Mrs. William, Wood-side, Hatfield, Miracles (1812)
Churchill, the Rev. James, Henley, Miracles (1812)
Churchill, Rev. James, Thames Ditton, Doctrines (1818)
Churchill, Rev. James, Thames-Ditton, Duties (1819)
Churchill, Rev. James, Thames Ditton, Surrey, Comparison (1823)
Churchman, Miss, Camberwell-grove, Prophecy (1809)
Churchman, Miss, Queen's-row, Camberwell, Miracles (1812)
Churchman, Miss, Hampstead, Parables (1815)
Churchman, Mrs., Heath Mount, Hampstead, Doctrines (1818)
Cicil, Mr., Whitechapel, Doctrines (1818)
Clark, H., surgeon, Hon. E. I. C. Service, Doctrines (1818)
Clark, H. Esq., Honourable East India Company's Service, Duties (1819)
Clark, Miss, Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Clark, Mr. R. F., 13, Weymouth-terrace, Hackney-road, Doctrines (1818)
Clarke, Mr. William, 269, Borough, Prophecy (1809)
Clark, Mr. William, 269, Borough, Miracles (1812)
Clark, Mr., 75, Aldermanbury, Miracles (1812)
Clark, Mrs., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Clark, Rev. J. M., Hoxton College, Parables (1815)
Clack, Rev. J. M., Hoxton College, Doctrines (1818)
Clarke, Miss, Cheshunt, Prophecy (1809)
Clarke, Mr. W. D., 46, Borough, Prophecy (1809)
Clarke, Mr. Dudds, Borough, Miracles (1812)
Clarke, Mr., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Clarke, R. F., Esq. Weymouth-terrace, Hackney-road, Parables (1815)
Clarke, R. F., Esq., 13, Weymouth-terrace, Hackney-road, Comparison (1823)
Clarke, Wm., Esq. Peckham-Rye-lane, Parables (1815)
Clarke, Wm., Hill House, Dulwich, Doctrines (1818)
Cleobury, Mr., Cheapside, Duties (1819)
Cliffe, General, Miracles (1812)
Cliffe, General, Blackheath, Parables (1815)
Cliffe, General, Blackheath, Doctrines (1818)
Cliffe, General, Blackheath, Duties (1819)
Cliffe, Mrs., Taunton, Doctrines (1818)
Cloutt, Mrs., Crown-row, Walworth, Miracles (1812)
Cloutt, the Rev. T., Crown-row, Walworth, Miracles (1812)
Cloutt, Rev. Mr., Penton-row, Walworth, Doctrines (1818)
Cloyne, Right Rev. Lord Bishop of, Parables (1815)
Cloyne, Right Rev. Lord Bishop of, 11, Montague-square, Doctrines (1818)
Cloyne, the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, Duties (1819)
Coates, Miss, Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Coates, Mrs., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Cobbin, the Rev. Ingram, Prophecy (1809)
Cobham, Miss, 3, Eden-place, Kent-road, Comparison (1823)
Cock, Mr. John, Fenchurch-street, Parables (1815)
Cock, Mr., 65, Shadwell, Prophecy (1809)
Cockerill, Mr. Geo. W., 59, Blackman-street, Borough, Duties (1819)
Cockerell, G. W., Esq., Blackman-street, Borough, Comparison (1823)
Codman, the Rev. John, M.A., Boston, America, Prophecy (1809)
Coleman, Miss, Stratford, Parables (1815)
Coleman, Mr., Broadway, Stratford, Prophecy (1809)
Coleman, Mr. W. E., Stratford-green, Bow, Prophecy (1809)
Coleman, Mr. W. E., Broad-way, Stratford, Miracles (1812)
Coleman, Mr. Edward, Stratford, Essex, Doctrines (1818)
Collings, William, Esq., Strand, Miracles (1812)
Collingwood, Mr., Greenwich, Doctrines (1818)
Collins, James, Esq. Stamford-hill, Parables (1815)
Collins, Mr. William, 8, Burlow-row, Long-lane, Bermondsey, Doctrines (1818)
Collins, Mr., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Collins, Mrs., Shard's Place, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Colville, -, Esq., Parliament-street, Miracles (1812)
Compigne, James Esq., Camberwell-terrace, Parables (1815)
Compigne, James, Esq., Camberwell-terrace, Doctrines (1818)
Compigne, James, Esq., Camberwell, Comparison (1823)
Conder, Miss S. L., Clapton, Prophecy (1809)
Conder, Miss S. L., Clapton, Miracles (1812)
Conder, Mr. John, Bank of England, Prophecy (1809)
Conder, Mr. John, Bank of England, Miracles (1812)
Conder, Mr. T., Bucklersbury, Prophecy (1809)
Conder, Mr. Josiah, Bucklersbury, Prophecy (1809)
Conder, Mr. Josiah, Bucklersbury, Miracles (1812)
Constable, Mr. William, 1, Heath-place, Hackney-road, Comparison (1823)
Cook, James, Esq., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Cook, James, Esq., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Cooke, James, Esq. Peckham, Parables (1815)
Cooke, John Early, Esq., Tunford, Prophecy (1809)
Cook, John Early, Esq., Cheshunt, Miracles (1812)
Cook, Miss, London-street, Limehouse, Comparison (1823)
Cook, Mr. John, Kimberley, Duties (1819)
Coombe, William, Esq., Axminster, Devon, Miracles (1812)
Coombs, Miss, 20, Leather-lane, Holborn, Doctrines (1818)
Coombs, Miss, Leather-lane, Duties (1819)
Coombs, Miss, Leather-lane, Holborn, Comparison (1823)
Coombs, Rev. Mr., Leather-lane, Holborn, Comparison (1823)
Coombs, Mr. B., student, Stepney-green, Parables (1815)
Coombs, Benjamin, student, Stepney-green, Doctrines (1818)
Coombs, Rev. B., Stepney-college, Duties (1819)
Coombs, Rev. J. A., Hoxton College, Doctrines (1818)
Coombs, Rev. John Addison, Manchester, Duties (1819)
Coombs, Rev. John A., Manchester, Comparison (1823)
Coope, Joseph, Esq., Osborne-street, Whitechapel, Parables (1815)
Coope, Joseph, Esq., Osborn-street, Whitechapel, Doctrines (1818)
Coope, Miss Sarah, Osborn-street, Whitechapel, Doctrines (1818)
Coope, Miss Susanna, Osborn-street, Whitechapel, Doctrines (1818)
Cooper, Miss, 9, High Holborn, Miracles (1812)
Cooper, Mr. James, Barking Churchyard, Doctrines (1818)
Cooper, Mr. Robert, 132, Whitechapel, Prophecy (1809)
Cooper, Mrs. R., 132, Whitechapel, Miracles (1812)
Cooper, Mr., 7, St. John's-square, Clerkenwell, Doctrines (1818)
Corbett, Mr. A., Upper Guildford-street, Doctrines (1818)
Corbett, Mr. J. R., Friday-street, Doctrines (1818)
Corbett, James Rodick, Esq., Friday-street, Duties (1819)
Corbett, James K. Esq., Friday-street, Comparison (1823)
Cordell, William, Esq., Dalby-house, City-road, Duties (1819)
Cormack, William, Esq., Counter-hill Cottage, New-cross, Duties (1819)
Corp, Mr., 15, Tower-street, Comparison (1823)
Corrock, Mrs., 25, Moorfields, Miracles (1812)
Corrock, Mrs., Moorfields, Parables (1815)
Corrock, Mrs., Moorfields, Doctrines (1818)
Corrock, Mrs., Broker's-row, Duties (1819)
Corrack, Mrs., Moorfields, North-side, Comparison (1823)
Cothay, Mr., Messrs. Cothay, Robertson, and Co., Little Eastcheap, Parables (1815)
Cotton, Mr., Newgate-street, Prophecy (1809)
Coulson, Mrs. Jane, Paradise-row, Rotherhithe, Duties (1819)
Cox & Son, Messrs., Duties (1819)
Cox, Miss, Hill-street, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Cox, Miss, Huntingdon-street, Hoxton, Doctrines (1818)
Cox, Miss, Manor-place, Walworth, Miracles (1812)
Cox, Miss, Manor-place, Walworth, Parables (1815)
Cox, Miss, Manor Place, Walworth, Doctrines (1818)
Cox, Miss, Walworth, Prophecy (1809)
Cox, Mr. Daniel, High-street, Southwark, Duties (1819)
Cox, Mr. John, St. Thomas's-street, Southwark, Duties (1819)
Cox, Mr. Thomas, Hill-street, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Cox, Mr. Thomas, Comparison (1823)
Cox, Mr. William, Hill-street, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Cox, Mr. William, St. Thomas's-street, Southwark, Comparison (1823)
Cox, Mrs., Hill-street, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Cracknell, the Rev. B., A.M., Weymouth, Prophecy (1809)
Cracknell, the Rev. B. D. D., Weymouth, Miracles (1812)
Cracknell, Rev. Dr., Weymouth, Doctrines (1818)
Cracknell, Rev. Dr., Weymouth, Duties (1819)
Craig, Rev. Thomas, Bocking, Parables (1815)
Craig, Rev. Thomas, Bocking, Doctrines (1818)
Craig, Rev. Thomas, Bocking, Duties (1819)
Cranley, Mr. John, Montfort-place, Kennington-green, Duties (1819)
Crathern, the Rev. W., Dedham, Essex, Miracles (1812)
Crawford, Mrs., Hoxton-square, Duties (1819)
Creasy, Mr. John, Butt-lane, Deptford, Prophecy (1809)
Creasy, I., Esq., Deptford, Miracles (1812)
Creasy, Mrs., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Creasy, Mr. Edward, Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Crerar, Mr. James, Glasgow-wharf, Duties (1819)
Crouch, Mr., Bateman's-row, Shoreditch, Duties (1819)
Crowther, Miss, 4, Norfolk-street, Middlesex-hospital, Miracles (1812)
Crump, Mr., Coventry, Miracles (1812)
Cuff, Mr. J. H., student, Ackminster academy, Prophecy (1809)
Cuff, Mr. I. H., student, Axminster, Miracles (1812)
Curling, Jesse, Esq., Jamaica-row, Bermondsey, Prophecy (1809)
Curling, Jesse, jun. Esq., Bermondsey, Miracles (1812)
Curtis, Mr., Mount-street, Whitechapel, Miracles (1812)
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Dacre, the Right Hon. Lady, Prophecy (1809)
Danglish, Mr., 48, Minyers-street, New Hoxton, Doctrines (1818)
Daniel, Mr. Joseph, 25, Newgate-street, Doctrines (1818)
Daniel, Mr. Joseph, Newgate-street, Duties (1819)
Daniel, Mr. S., 25, Newgate-street, Comparison (1823)
Daniel, Mrs., Milk-street, Parables (1815)
Dartmouth, the Right Hon. the Earl of, Prophecy (1809)
Dartmouth, the Right Honourable the Earl of, etc., Miracles (1812)
Davenport, Mrs., 24, Old Jewry, Doctrines (1818)
Davidson, Mr. Thomas Mackintosh, Doctor's-commons, Miracles (1812)
Davidson, William, Esq., Kensington, Prophecy (1809)
Davie, Mrs., Bath-row, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Davies, Miss, Brunswick-square, Prophecy (1809)
Davies, Mr. D., Hoxton Academy, Parables (1815)
Davies, Mr. G., 23, Cannon-street, Doctrines (1818)
Davis, G. Esq., Cannon-street, Duties (1819)
Davis, Mr., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Davis, Mrs. James, Brunswick-square, Bristol, Miracles (1812)
Davis, Mrs., Leadenhall-street, Doctrines (1818)
Davis, Rev. D. S., Guildford-street, Borough, Doctrines (1818)
Dawkes, George Whitfield, Esq., Walworth, Parables (1815)
Dawkes, S. W., Esq., Friday-street, Doctrines (1818)
Dawkes, Whitfield, Esq., Walworth, Doctrines (1818)
Dawkes, Whitfield, Esq., Walworth, Duties (1819)
Dawson, J. W., Esq., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Dawson, Miss, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Dawson, Mr. John, Great Bentley, Essex, Parables (1815)
Dawson, Mr. William, Borough, Prophecy (1809)
Dawson, Mr. William, Borough, Miracles (1812)
Dawson, Mrs. B., 17, George-street, Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Dawson, Mrs., Jefferie's-square, St. Mary-axe, Miracles (1812)
Dawson, Thomas William, Meeting-house-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Dawson, T. W. Esq., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Deale, Miss, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Deale, Miss, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Deane, Mr. George, Fish-street-hill, Duties (1819)
Deane, Mr. Thomas, near Nettlebed, Oxon., Duties (1819)
Deck, Mr., Bury St. Edmunds, Miracles (1812)
Decoetlegon, the Rev. Mr., Prophecy (1809)
Deering, [ - ], Aldersgate-street, Miracles (1812)
Denham, Mr. J. E., St. John's, Cambridge, Doctrines (1818)
Denham, Rev. Joseph, Clerkenwell, Parables (1815)
Dennett, J. H., Esq., Gravesend, Parables (1815)
Dennett, J. H., Esq., Gravesend, Doctrines (1818)
Dennet, J. H. Esq., Gravesend, Duties (1819)
Denslow, Mr., 6, Charter-house-street, Prophecy (1809)
Denslow, Mr., Charterhouse-street, Miracles (1812)
Denslow, Mr. John, Charter-house-street, Doctrines (1818)
Denslow, Mr., Charterhouse-street, Duties (1819)
Denslow, Mrs., Charter-house-street, Parables (1815)
Dent, Miss A, Thetford, Miracles (1812)
Dent, Miss M., Thetford, Miracles (1812)
Dernior, Mr.E., 44, Lombard-street, Miracles (1812)
Dewar, Mr., Spring Garden-place, Stepney, Parables (1815)
Dewar, Mr. J., Spring-gardens-place, Stepney, Doctrines (1818)
Dewar, Mr. J., Spring Gardens-place, Stepney, Duties (1819)
Dewar, Mr. J., Spring-garden-place, Stepney, Comparison (1823)
Dickie, Mrs., Pentonville, Miracles (1812)
Dinnington, Mrs., Camberwell, Miracles (1812)
Dipnal, Matthias, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Dipnal, Matthias, jun. Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Dipnal, Matthias, Esq., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Dipnal, Matthias, Jun. Esq., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Depnal, Matthias, jun. Esq., Secretary Department, Custom-house, Duties (1819)
Dix, Mr. Thomas, Hoxton academy, Prophecy (1809)
Dix, the Rev. Thomas, Hoxton academy, Miracles (1812)
Dodson, Mrs., 7, Great Coram-street, Miracles (1812)
Downe, Mrs., Miracles (1812)
Drake, Mr. Philip, 30, Upper Eaton-street, Pimlico, Miracles (1812)
Drake, Philip, Esq., East Dulwich, Parables (1815)
Drake, Mr. P., East Dulwich, Doctrines (1818)
Drake, Philip, Esq., East Dulwich, Doctrines (1818)
Drake, Phillip, Esq., East Dulwich, Duties (1819)
Draper, the Rev. H., D. D., Cheshunt, Prophecy (1809)
Draper, the Rev. Henry, D.D., Camberwell-grove, Miracles (1812)
Draper, Rev. Henry, D.D., Parables (1815)
Ducroz, Mr., 27, Brooke-street, Holborn, Doctrines (1818)
Du Croz, Miss C., Duke-street, Holborn, Duties (1819)
Dubroz, Miss C., 27, Brooke-street, Holborn, Comparison (1823)
Duncan, Peter, Esq., Fore-street, Prophecy (1809)
Duncan, Peter, Esq., Fore-street, Miracles (1812)
Dunington, Mrs., Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Dunkin, John, Esq., Ingatestone-Iodge, Essex, Doctrines (1818)
Dunn, Mr. I., Nottingham, Miracles (1812)
Dunster, Mr., Edmonton, Doctrines (1818)
Dure, Mr., Cross-lane, Parables (1815)
Dyer, John, Esq., Greenwich, Doctrines (1818)
Dyer, John, Esq., Greenwich, Duties (1819)
Dyson, Mr. John, Little Eastcheap, Parables (1815)
Dyson, Mr. Samuel, Botolph-lane, Parables (1815)
Dyson, Mr. William, Royal-walk, Hoxton, Miracles (1812)
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Eade, Mrs., Stoke Newington, Parables (1815)
Eames, Lady, Prophecy (1809)
Eamer, Lady, Blackheath, Miracles (1812)
Eamer, Lady, Doctrines (1818)
Eamer, Lady, Duties (1819)
Eburne, Thomas, Nottingham, Miracles (1812)
Edie, Mr. James, Bread-street, Doctrines (1818)
Edmeston, Mr. John, Hackney, Prophecy (1809)
Edwards, Mr., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Edwards, Mr., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Edwards, Dr., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Edwards, Dr., Stanstead, Herts, Doctrines (1818)
Edward, Mr. John, 9, Clarence-place, Camberwell-road, Comparison (1823)
Edwards, John, Fawke's-buildings, Tower-street, Parables (1815)
Edwards, Mr. John, Register Office, Bank, Parables (1815)
Edwards, Mr. John, Register-office, Bank, Doctrines (1818)
Edwards, Mr. John, Upper Kennington-green, Doctrines (1818)
Edwards, Mr. John, Upper Kennington-green, Duties (1819)
Eives, Mr. W., Birchin-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Ekelso, Mr., [Kelso, Mr. E.], Tabernacle-walk, Duties (1819)
Elliott, Mr. John, 16, Wilderness-row, Goswell-street, Doctrines (1818)
Elliott, Mr., Distaff-lane, Prophecy (1809)
Elliott, Mr., Friday-street, Miracles (1812)
Elliott, Rev. J., Devizes, Prophecy (1809)
Ellis, Mr. , 12, Langthorne-court, Little-Bell-alley, Prophecy (1809)
Ellis, Mr. Joseph, the Grove, Great-Guilford-street, Southwark, Prophecy (1809)
Ellis, Samuel, Esq., Aldersgate-street, Duties (1819)
Ellis, Mr. Thomas, Manor-place, Walworth, Miracles (1812)
Ellis, Mr. Thomas, Walworth, Prophecy (1809)
Elliss, Mr., Carey-street, Chnacery-lane, Prophecy (1809)
Emerson, Mrs., Miracles (1812)
Enderby, Charles, Esq., Blackheath, Parables (1815)
Enderby, Charles, Esq., Blackheath, Doctrines (1818)
Erskine, Miss, Edinburgh, Prophecy (1809)
Erskine, the Hon. Mrs., Edinburgh, Prophecy (1809)
Erskine, the Hon. Henry, etc., Prophecy (1809)
Erskine, Hon. Henry, etc., Parables (1815)
Erskine, the Right Hon. Lord, Prophecy (1809)
Erskine, the Right Honourable Lord, etc., Miracles (1812)
Erskine, the Right Honourable Lord, K.T., Parables (1815)
Erskine, the Right Hon. Lord, K.T., Duties (1819)
Erskine, Right Hon. Lord, K.T., Comparison (1823)
Evans, Mr. William, 173, Shoreditch, Miracles (1812)
Evans, Mr. William, 173, Shoreditch, Parables (1815)
Evans, Rev. Daniel, Mynyddback, Doctrines (1818)
Evans, Rev. Evan, Moorfields, Comparison (1823)
Evans, the Rev. John, A.M., Islington, Prophecy (1809)
Evans, the Rev. John, A.M., Pullin's-row, Islington, Miracles (1812)
Everett, Mr. William, Hoxton academy, Prophecy (1809)
Evenett, the Rev. William, Hoxton academy, Miracles (1812)
Ewen, Mr. John, 58, Watling-street, Doctrines (1818)
Ewen, Mrs., 113, Jennyn-street, St. James's, Doctrines (1818)
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Fairbrother, Mr., Hoxton Academy, Parables (1815)
Farrington, Captain, Blackheath, Miracles (1812)
Farrington, General, Blackheath, Miracles (1812)
Farrington, General, Blackheath, Parables (1815)
Farrington, General, Blackheath, Doctrines (1818)
Farrington, General Sir Anthony, Bart., Blackheath, Duties (1819)
Farrington, General Sir Anthony, Bart., Comparison (1823)
Farrington, Miss, Camberwell-grove, Prophecy (1809)
Farrington, Miss A., Queen's-row, Camberwel [Camberwell], Miracles (1812)
Fearne, Mr. Samuel, Spital-square, Prophecy (1809)
Fearn, Mr. Samuel, Spital-square, Miracles (1812)
Fearn, Mr., Spital-square, Doctrines (1818)
Fearn, Mr., Spital-square, Duties (1819)
Fearn, Mr., jun. Cornhill, Miracles (1812)
Fearn, Mr. Joseph, Stock Exchange, Parables (1815)
Featherstone, Mr. James, Tunbridge, Parables (1815)
Fellows, Mr., Hart-place, Hackney, Duties (1819)
Fenlyer, Mr., Ratcliff-highway, Miracles (1812)
Fenn, Mr. John, Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Fenn, Mr. John, Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Fenn, Mr. John, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Fenn, Mr. John, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Fenn, Mr. John, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Fenn, Nathaniel, Esq., Botolph-lane, Parables (1815)
Fenn, Nathaniel, Esq., Botolph-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Fenn, Nathaniel, Esq., Botolph-lane, Duties (1819)
Fenner, Mr. T. J., Long-lane, Bermondsey, Prophecy (1809)
Fenner, Mr., Long-lane, Bermondsey, Miracles (1812)
Ferron, Mr. William,, Wellington-place, Camberwell., Duties (1819)
Fidler, Joseph, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Fidler, Joseph, Esq., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Fidler, Joseph, Esq., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Fidler, Mr., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Fidler, Mr., Peckham-Rye-lane, Parables (1815)
Fidler, Mr. Henry, Surgeon, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Field, Mr. Samuel, Miracles (1812)
Field, the Rev. Henry, Blandford, Dorset, Miracles (1812)
Fielder, Miss, Kensington-square, Duties (1819)
Finch, Mr., Dulwich, Prophecy (1809)
Finch, Mrs. Christopher, Sudbury, Parables (1815)
Finch, Mrs. Christopher, Sudbury, Doctrines (1818)
Finch, Mr. Christopher, Sudbury, Duties (1819)
Finch, Mrs. James, Sible Hedingham, Essex, Parables (1815)
Finch, Mrs. James, Little Hedingham, Doctrines (1818)
Finch, Mrs. James, Sible Hedington, Duties (1819)
Fischat, Mr., jun., Union-street, Walcot-place, Prophecy (1809)
Fisher, Miss, 65, Sun-street, Miracles (1812)
Fisher, the Rev. Thomas, Harleston, Norfolk, Prophecy (1809)
Fisher, Rev. T., Harleston, Norfolk, Doctrines (1818)
Fisher, Rev. Mr., Harleston, Duties (1819)
Fison, Mr. Jas., jun. Thetford, Miracles (1812)
Fitz, Mr. John, St. James's-street, Prophecy (1809)
Flaxman, Mr. John, Buckingham-street, Fitzroy-square, Parables (1815)
Flaxman, John, Esq., Buckingham-street, Fitzroy-square, Doctrines (1818)
Flaxman, John, Esq. R. A., Buckingham-street, Fitzroy-square, Duties (1819)
Fleet, J., Esq., St. Swithin's-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Fleet, Mr. James, Woburn-abbey, Duties (1819)
Fleet, Mr. John, Fenchurch-street, Duties (1819)
Fleetwood, Miss, 8, Providence-row, Finsbury-square, Miracles (1812)
Fleuret, Mr., Southgate, Parables (1815)
Fleuret, Mr., Southgate, Doctrines (1818)
Flint, Mr. James, Woburn Abbey, Doctrines (1818)
Flower, Mr., 20, Gutter-lane, Cheapside, Doctrines (1818)
Flower, Mr., Friday-street, Doctrines (1818)
Flower, Mr. Charles, Diss, Norfolk, Prophecy (1809)
Fontaneau, Mr. Peter, Edward-street, Bethnal-green, Miracles (1812)
Fonteaneau, Peter, Esq., No. 8, Fuller-street, Bethnal-green Church, Parables (1815)
Fontaneau, Peter, Esq., 8, Fuller-street, Bethnal-green, Doctrines (1818)
Fortaneau, Mr., Fuller-street, Bethnal Green-road, Duties (1819)
Fontaneau, —, Esq., Fuller-street, Bethnal-green, Comparison (1823)
Ford, Mr. J., Pavillion, Battersea New-town, Prophecy (1809)
Ford, James, Bedford-house, Stockwell , Miracles (1812)
Ford, Mr., Stockwell, Duties (1819)
Ford, David Everard, Student, Wymondley College, Doctrines (1818)
Ford, D. E. Student, Wymondley, Duties (1819)
Ford, Mr., Walworth, Duties (1819)
Ford, Mrs., George-street, Blackfriars-road, Comparison (1823)
Foulds, Mr. C., 20, Queen-street, Horsleydown, Comparison (1823)
Foulger, Mr. John, Star-alley, Ratcliffe-highway, Parables (1815)
Foulger, Mr. John, Seven-star-alley, Ratcliff-highway, Doctrines (1818)
Foulger, Mr. J., Star-alley, Ratclifie-highway, Doctrines (1818)
Foulger, Mr. J., Star-alley, Ratcliffe-highway, Duties (1819)
Foulger, Mrs., Star-alley, Ratcliffe-highway, Parables (1815)
Fowler, Rev. John, Walworth, Parables (1815)
Fox, Mr. John, Bath-place, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Fox, John, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars, Doctrines (1818)
Fox, Mr. W., jun., St. Thomas's-square, Hackney, Miracles (1812)
France, John, Curtain-road, Miracles (1812)
France, Mr. John, 1 Susanah-place, Curtain-road, Prophecy (1809)
Francis, W. W., Esq., Colchester, Miracles (1812)
Francis, W. W., Colchester, Doctrines (1818)
Francis, Mr. W. W., Colchester, Duties (1819)
Franklin, Mr. W., Spitalfields, Duties (1819)
Franklow, Mr., Spitalfields, Comparison (1823)
Fraser, Miss, 8, London-street, Ratcliff, Miracles (1812)
Freak, Mr., Postern-row, Tower-hill, Doctrines (1818)
Freeman, Mr., Hoxton Academy, Parables (1815)
Freeman, Mrs., Doctrines (1818)
Freeman, Mrs., Duties (1819)
Freeman, Rev. Mr., Chelmsford, Doctrines (1818)
Freeman, Rev. Joseph, Dyer's Hall-wharf, Duties (1819)
Freeman, Rev. Joseph, Kidderminster, Comparison (1823)
Froggatt, Mr., Kirby-street, Hatton-garden, Duties (1819)
Frost, the Rev. R., Dunmow, Essex, Miracles (1812)
Fry, William, Esq., Kentish-town, Miracles (1812)
Fulbrook, Mr., Fenchurch-street, Prophecy (1809)
Fulbrook, Mr. John, Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Fulbrook, Mr., Rye-lane, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Fulbrook, John, Esq., Peckham Rye-lane, Comparison (1823)
Fuller, Mr., Red Lion-street, Clerkenwell, Duties (1819)
Fulton, Mr. Andrew, Middle-row, Holborn, Miracles (1812)
Furners, Mr., 58, Mark-lane, Miracles (1812)
Furness, Mr., Mark-lane, Parables (1815)
Furness, Mr., Mark-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Furness, Mr., Mark-lane, Duties (1819)
Furnivall, Mr. John, jun., Park-street, Camberwell, Parables (1815)
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Gainsborough, Mr., Friday-street, Prophecy (1809)
Gale, Miss, Hoxton, Miracles (1812)
Gale, Miss, Hoxton, Parables (1815)
Gale, Mr., 6, Norman-street, St. Luke's, Parables (1815)
Gales, Mr. John, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Gardiner, the Rev. H. W., Barnstaple, Devon, Miracles (1812)
Gardiner, Mr., Assembly-row, Mile-end, Doctrines (1818)
Garlick, John, Esq., Banker, Halifax, Miracles (1812)
Garside, Mr. William, Grocer, Stockport, Parables (1815)
Gascoyne, Mr., Leadenhall-street, Parables (1815)
Gascoyne, Mr., Leadenhall-street, Doctrines (1818)
Gascoigne, Mr. Joseph, Leadenhall-street, Duties (1819)
Gascoyne, Joseph, Esq., Leadenhall-street, Comparison (1823)
Gasse, Mrs., Clapham-common, Doctrines (1818)
Gates, William, 90, Tooley-street, Doctrines (1818)
Gates, Mr., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Gates, Mrs., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Gates, Mrs., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Geary, Rev. John, Beaconsfield, Doctrines (1818)
Gedge, Mrs., Aldermanbury, Duties (1819)
Gellier, Mr., London, Prophecy (1809)
George, Mrs., 12, Bread-street, Doctrines (1818)
George, Mrs., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Gibbard, Mrs., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Gibbons, Mr., Kent-road, Newington, Prophecy (1809)
Gibbs, Mr. Benjamin, Goswell-street, Miracles (1812)
Gibson, Mr., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Gibson, Mr., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Gibson, Mr., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Gibson, Mr., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Giles, Mr. William, Peckham Rye, Prophecy (1809)
Giles, Mr. W., Peckham Rye, Miracles (1812)
Giles, Mr. William, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Gilkes, Mr. W., London, Miracles (1812)
Gilkes, Mr., Barbican, Parables (1815)
Gilkes, Mr. W., 20, Percival-street, Northampton-square, Doctrines (1818)
Gilkes, Mr. W., Barbican, Duties (1819)
Glacestones, Mr. William, 2, Maudlins's-rents, Nightingale-lane, Prophecy (1809)
Gladstone, Mr. William, Navy Victualling Office, Doctrines (1818)
Glencairn, the Right Hon. the Countess of, Prophecy (1809)
Glencairn, the Right Honourable the Countess of, Miracles (1812)
Glencairn, The Right Honourable the Countess of, Parables (1815)
Glencairn, The Right Hon. Countess of, Doctrines (1818)
Glencairn, Right Hon. Countess of, Duties (1819)
Glencairn, Right Hon. Countess of, Comparison (1823)
Gloucester, Hon. and Right Rev. Lord Bishop of, Parables (1815)
Gloucester, The Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, Doctrines (1818)
Gloucester, Hon. and Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of, Duties (1819)
Gloucester, Hon. and Right Rev. Lord Bishop of, Comparison (1823)
Godwin, Rev. Benj., Bradford, Yorkshire, Comparison (1823)
Gold, Miss S., Ludgate-hill, Parables (1815)
Golding, Mr., Ditton-court, Kent, Parables (1815)
Golding, Mr., Ditton-court, Kent, Doctrines (1818)
Gompertz, Mrs. E., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Good, Rev. Alexander, Launceston, Cornwall, Comparison (1823)
Good, Wm., Esq., Fountain-court, Broad-street-buildings, Comparison (1823)
Goodacre, Mrs., Northampton, Doctrines (1818)
Goodacre, Mrs., Northampton, Duties (1819)
Goode, Rev. J., Islington, Parables (1815)
Goode, Rev. J., Terrace, Islington, Doctrines (1818)
Goodhart, Mr. Joseph, Limehouse, Prophecy (1809)
Goodhard, Joseph, Esq., 1, Grove, Hackney, Miracles (1812)
Goodman, Mr. Newell, Elms, Duties (1819)
Goody, Mr., Cornhill, Duties (1819)
Goody, Mr., 50, Cornhill, Comparison (1823)
Gordon, Mr. John, Bucklersbury, Prophecy (1809)
Gorge, Mr., Bread-street, Cheapside, Parables (1815)
Gosse, Joseph, Esq., Cannon-street, Miracles (1812)
Goulty, Mr. John Nelson, student, Homerton, Prophecy (1809)
Goulty, the Rev. John Nelson, Homerton, Miracles (1812)
Gouger, George, Esq., Brixton, Parables (1815)
Gouger, George, Esq., Stamford, Doctrines (1818)
Gouger, George, Esq., Stamford, Duties (1819)
Gouger, George, jun., Esq., Cheapside, Duties (1819)
Gouger, Henry, Mark-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Gouger, John, Esq., Sherborne, Parables (1815)
Gouger, John, Esq., Sherborne, Doctrines (1818)
Gough, Mr. James, Shoreditch, Duties (1819)
Gough, Rev. George, Tonbridge, Duties (1819)
Gould, Miss, Ludgate-hill, Doctrines (1818)
Gould, Miss, 31, Ludgate-hill, Comparison (1823)
Gourge, Mr. James, Shoreditch, Doctrines (1818)
Gourge, Rev. George, London, Doctrines (1818)
Graffe, Mr. Joseph, Trafalgar-street, Walworth, Prophecy (1809)
Grafftey, Mr. Samuel, Walworth, Parables (1815)
Grafftey, Mrs., Craven-street, City-road, Prophecy (1809)
Grafftey, Mrs., Craven-street, City-road, Miracles (1812)
Groftey [Grafty?], Mrs., Craven-street, Parables (1815)
Grafftey, Mrs., Craven-street, City-road, Doctrines (1818)
Grafton, Miss, 4, Kennington-place, Prophecy (1809)
Grainger, Mr., Peckham-Rye-lane, Parables (1815)
Grainger, Mr., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Grainger, Mr., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Grant, Mr., Bolinbrook-row, Walworth, Doctrines (1818)
Grant, Mr. Henry, Walworth, Duties (1819)
Grant, Mr. Henry, Walworth, Comparison (1823)
Grant, Mr., Valentine-row, Bermondsey, Duties (1819)
Graves, Mr. William, 9, Ironmonger-lane, Cheapside, Comparison (1823)
Gray, Thomas, Esq., Sackville-street, Piccadilly, Miracles (1812)
Green, Mr. James, Stockport, Parables (1815)
Greenhough, Mr., Wapping High-street, Parables (1815)
Greenhough, Mrs., Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Gregory, Olinthus Gilbert, LL.D., Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, Prophecy (1809)
Gregory, Olinthus Gilbert, LL.D., Woolwich, Miracles (1812)
Gregory, Olinthus G., LL D., Woolwich, Parables (1815)
Gregory, O. G., L. L. D., Woolwich, Doctrines (1818)
Gregory, Olinthus G., L.L.D., &c., Woolwich, Duties (1819)
Grellier, Mr. P. P., 20, Wormwood-street, Miracles (1812)
Grellier, Mr. P. P., Wormwood-street, Parables (1815)
Grellet, Peter, Esq., 70, Church-street, Bethnal-green, Comparison (1823)
Grey, Robert, Esq., Peckham Rye, Parables (1815)
Grey, Robert, Esq., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Grey, Robert, Esq., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Gribble, John, Esq., Barnstaple, Doctrines (1818)
Gribble, Mr. J. B., Old Jewry, Doctrines (1818)
Griffiths, Mr. John, Tower-royal, Doctrines (1818)
Griffiths, Rev. Daniel, Long Buckley, Northampton, Parables (1815)
Griffiths, Rev. Daniel, Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, Doctrines (1818)
Griffiths, Rev. D., Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, Duties (1819)
Griffiths, Thomas, Esq., Minories, Doctrines (1818)
Grimes, Mr., 23, Redcross-street, Cripplegate, Doctrines (1818)
Grimes, Mr., Westmoreland-place, City-road, Duties (1819)
Grime, Mr., 55, Westmoreland-place, City-road, Comparison (1823)
Groome, John, Esq., Brompton-row, Comparison (1823)
Ground, Henry, Esq., 14, Hermes-street, Pentonville, Prophecy (1809)
Grover, Mr., Gray's-Inn, Doctrines (1818)
Gubbs, John, Esq., 4, Walworth-terrace, Miracles (1812)
Gubbs, Mrs., Walworth-terrace, Prophecy (1809)
Gubbs, Mrs., Walworth-terrace, Miracles (1812)
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H. B., 48, Cannon-street, Comparison (1823)
Hadley, Mrs., St. Swithin's-lane, Miracles (1812)
Hadley, Samuel, Esq., St. Swithin's-lane, Prophecy (1809)
Hadwen, Mr. James, Mitcham, Duties (1819)
Haighton, Mr., 8, Watling-street, Prophecy (1809)
Haighton, John, Watling-street, Parables (1815)
Haighton, Mr. J., 8, Watling-street, Doctrines (1818)
Haighton, Mr. John, Watling-street, Duties (1819)
Hall, Mrs., Salter's-hall, Prophecy (1809)
Hall, James, Esq., Salters' Hall, Doctrines (1818)
Hall, Mr., Hoxton Academy, Parables (1815)
Hall, Mr., Bermondsey-street, Prophecy (1809)
Hall, Mr., Bermondsey, Miracles (1812)
Hall, Mr., Bermondsey-street, Parables (1815)
Hall, Mr., 74, Bermondsey-street, Doctrines (1818)
Hall, Mrs., Walthamstow, Miracles (1812)
Halton, Mr. W., 9, Frith-street, Soho-square, Comparison (1823)
Hamilton, Mr., bookseller, Paternoster-row, Prophecy (1809)
Hamilton, Mr., Paternoster-row, Parables (1815)
Hamilton, Rev. Winter, Leeds, Parables (1815)
Hamilton, Rev. Richard Winter, Leeds, Doctrines (1818)
Hammond, Mr., Whitechapel, Prophecy (1809)
Hammond, Mr., Whitechapel, Miracles (1812)
Hammond, Geo., Esq., Whitechapel, Parables (1815)
Hammond, George, Esq., Whitechapel, Doctrines (1818)
Hammond, George, Esq., Whitechapel, Duties (1819)
Hamshere, Mr., 11, Lisson-grove, New-road, Miracles (1812)
Hankey, W. Alers, Esq., 7, Fenchurch-street, Doctrines (1818)
Hankey, W. Alers, Esq., Fenchurch-street, Duties (1819)
Hanson, Benjamin, Esq., Hammersmith, Miracles (1812)
Hanson, Mr., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Hanson, Mrs., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Hanson, Mrs., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Hanson, the Rev. Mr., Stainland, near Huddersfield, Miracles (1812)
Harcourt, Mr. J. J., Albany-road, Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Hardcastle, Alfred, Esq., Hatcham-house, New-Cross, Comparison (1823)
Hardcastle, Joseph, Esq., Old Swain Stairs, Prophecy (1809)
Hardcastle, Joseph, Esq., Hatcham House, Miracles (1812)
Hardcastle, Joseph, Esq., Hatcham-house, New-Cross, Comparison (1823)
Hardcastle, Mrs., Hatcham-house, New-Cross, Comparison (1823)
Hardcastle, Nathaniel, Esq., Hatcham-house, New-Cross, Comparison (1823)
Hardel, Mr., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Hardell, Mr., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Hardman, Thomas, Esq., York-place, Camberwell, Prophecy (1809)
Hardy, Mr. Charles, Miracles (1812)
Hardy, Mr., Jerusalem Coffee-house, Parables (1815)
Hardy, Mr. H., Jerusalem Coffee-house, Doctrines (1818)
Hardy, Mr. Horatio, Doctrines (1818)
Harmer, Mr., jun., Pitt-street, Fitzroy-square, Comparison (1823)
Harper, the Rev. Thomas, Walworth, Prophecy (1809)
Harpur, the Right Hon. Lady Francis, Prophecy (1809)
Harpur, Right Hon. Lady Frances, Comparison (1823)
Harris, Mr., Stamford-hill, Miracles (1812)
Harris, Mr. B., Bristol, Miracles (1812)
Harris, Mr B., Great Tower-street, Parables (1815)
Harris, Mr., Bristol, Prophecy (1809)
Harris, Mr., W., jun., Bristol, Prophecy (1809)
Harris, Mr. W., jun., Bristol, Miracles (1812)
Harris, Mr. Wintour, Bristol, Doctrines (1818)
Harris, Mr., Adam-street, Manchester-square, Duties (1819)
Harris, Mr., 17, Adams-street, Manchester-square, Comparison (1823)
Harris, Mr.Thomas, jun., Adam's-street, Manchester-square, Doctrines (1818)
Harrison, Mr., Penn, Bucks , Miracles (1812)
Harrison, Mrs., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Hartley, the Rev. Richard, Lutterworth, Prophecy (1809)
Hartley, Rev. Richard, Lutterworth, Parables (1815)
Hawes, Dr. (the late), Spital-square, Prophecy (1809)
Hawkes, Thomas, Esq., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Hawkes, Miss M., Lutterworth, Miracles (1812)
Hawkes, Miss, Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Hawkes, Miss, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Hawkes, Miss, Bath-place, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Hawkes, Miss, Bath-place, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Hayardahl, Mrs., Peckham-rye, Doctrines (1818)
Hayardall, Samuel, Esq., Peckham Rye, Parables (1815)
Hayes, Mr. Thomas, Mill-street, Bermondsey, Doctrines (1818)
Haylock, Mr., Cambridge, Comparison (1823)
Haymour, Mr., 25, Abchurch-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Hayward, Mr. Samuel, Bread-street, Cheapside, Prophecy (1809)
Hayward, Mr., 26, Bread-street, Miracles (1812)
Hayward, Samuel, Bread-street, Doctrines (1818)
Heale, Richard, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Heap, Rev. Henry, 8, Spital-square, Doctrines (1818)
Heaps, Mr. George, Leeds, Parables (1815)
Heaps, Mr. Richard, 167, Shoreditch, Miracles (1812)
Heaps, Mr. Richard, 167, Shoreditch, Parables (1815)
Hearn, Mr. Wm., Hoxton, Parables (1815)
Heath, Mr. Robert, Bank, Parables (1815)
Heath, Mr. Robert, Bank of England, Doctrines (1818)
Heath, Robert, Esq., Bank of England, Duties (1819)
Heisch, F., Esq., America-square, Comparison (1823)
Hellmann, Mr. C., Old Bethlem, Broad-street, Duties (1819)
Helm, Rev. Mr., Bristol, Duties (1819)
Heme, Mr. William, Hoxton, Prophecy (1809)
Herne, Mr. William, Gloucester-street, Hoxton, Miracles (1812)
Hems, Mr., jun., 40, Whitechapel, Prophecy (1809)
Hems, W., jun., Whitechapel, Miracles (1812)
Hems, Mr. William, Whitechapel, Miracles (1812)
Hems, Mr., Whitechapel, Doctrines (1818)
Hennell, Mr., Wood-street, Duties (1819)
Herbert, Mr. S. M., Rye-lane, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Herne, Mr. W., Bank of England, Doctrines (1818)
Herne, William, Esq., Bank of England, Duties (1819)
Hersee, Mr. Henry, Wellington-place, Goswell-street, Parables (1815)
Hersee, Mr., Wellington-place, Goswell-street, Parables (1815)
Hesketh, Mr., Forest-hill, Miracles (1812)
Hesketh, Mr., Forrest-hill, Parables (1815)
Hesketh, Mr., Forest-hill, Doctrines (1818)
Hesketh, Mr., Forest-hill, Duties (1819)
Hesketh, Mr., Forest-hill, Comparison (1823)
Heudebourk, Mr., Taunton, Prophecy (1809)
Heward, Mr., Coggleshall, Essex, Prophecy (1809)
Heward, Mr., student, Hoxton academy, Prophecy (1809)
Heward, the Rev. Thomas, Clare, Suffolk, Miracles (1812)
Hewitt, Mr. James, Covent-garden, Prophecy (1809)
Heygate, James, Esq., Hackney, Miracles (1812)
Hichens, Mr., Stock Exhange, Prophecy (1809)
Higginbotham, Mr. S., Macclesfield, Parables (1815)
Higginhotham, Mr. S., Macclesfield, Doctrines (1818)
Higgins, Mr., Finsbury-square, Comparison (1823)
Higgins, Mrs., Finsbury-square, Doctrines (1818)
Hill, Mrs. Rupertia, Fore-street, Miracles (1812)
Hill, Mr. John, Faversham, Comparison (1823)
Hill, Mrs. Mary, Castle-street, Falcon-square, Doctrines (1818)
Hillstead, Mr. James, Watling-street, Duties (1819)
Hincks, Mr. J. R., Cheltenham, Parables (1815)
Hintley, Mrs., 1, Old Change, Miracles (1812)
Hisketh, Mr., Forrest-hill, Prophecy (1809)
Hitchens, R., Stock Exchange, Miracles (1812)
Hirst, Miss, Addington-place, Camberwell, Parables (1815)
Hirst, Miss, Addington-place, Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Hirst, Miss, Addington-place, Camberwell, Duties (1819)
Hoare, Miss A. M., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Hoare, Mrs. Anne Manthorpe, 14, Charles-street, City-road, Comparison (1823)
Hobson, Mr. G., Albany-place, Kent-road, Doctrines (1818)
Hobson, Mr., East-India House, Parables (1815)
Hobson, Rev. Benjamin, Welford, Doctrines (1818)
Hodges, Mr. Joseph, 13, Albion-place, Walworth, Miracles (1812)
Holman, Wm., Esq., Lower Thames-street, Parables (1815)
Holman, Mr. William, Lower Thames-street, Doctrines (1818)
Holman, Mr. Wm., 76, Lower Thames-street, Comparison (1823)
Holmer, Mr. Charles Brassett, Duties (1819)
Holmes, Rev. W., Hoxton-college, Doctrines (1818)
Holmes, Miss, Kennington, Miracles (1812)
Holmes, Mr., Kennington, Miracles (1812)
Holwell, Mr. W., High-street, Borough, Doctrines (1818)
Honnor, Timothy, Esq., Great Missenden, Bucks., Comparison (1823)
Hookins, Mrs., Yeovil, Parables (1815)
Hookins, Mrs., Yeovil, Doctrines (1818)
Hooper, Mr. William, Milk-street, Prophecy (1809)
Hooper, Mr., 18, Milk-street, Miracles (1812)
Hooper, Mr. William, Milk-street, Parables (1815)
Hoppey, Mr. Thomas, Blackfriar's-road, Miracles (1812)
Hopwood, Mr., 24, Fish-street-hill, Miracles (1812)
Hopwood, Mr., 24, Fish-street-hill, Prophecy (1809)
Houston, Mr. Samuel, St. Helen's, Miracles (1812)
Howard, Miss, Stockport, Cheshire, Miracles (1812)
Howard, Mr., Hemel Hempstead, Prophecy (1809)
Hope, Mrs. Elizabeth, Gloucester-buildings, Walworth, Doctrines (1818)
Hopgood, Mr. Silversmith, Bishopsgate-street, Comparison (1823)
Hopps, William, Esq., Cannon-street, Duties (1819)
Hopwood, Mrs. Sarah, Fish-street-hill, Parables (1815)
Houghton, John, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Houston, Samuel, Esq., Great St. Helens, Parables (1815)
Houston, Samuel, Esq., Great St. Helens, Doctrines (1818)
Houston, Samuel, Esq., Great St. Helen's, Duties (1819)
How, Mr. John, Three-Ton-court, Nicholas-lane, Comparison (1823)
Howe, Mr. John, Sun-court, Upper Thames-street, Duties (1819)
Howell, Rev. Mr., Watling-street, Parables (1815)
Hubbard, William, Esq., Miracles (1812)
Hubbard, William, Esq., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Hubbard, Wm., Esq., Warminster, Parables (1815)
Hubbard, W., Esq., Warminster, Doctrines (1818)
Hubbard, W., Esq., Warminster, Duties (1819)
Hubert, Samuel Morton, Stangate, Lambeth, Doctrines (1818)
Hughes, Mr., Hoxton, Parables (1815)
Hull, Mr. William, jun. Yeovil, Parables (1815)
Hull, Mr. W., jun., Yeovil, Doctrines (1818)
Hummerston, Mr. William, Harlow, Essex, Miracles (1812)
Hunt, Mr., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Hunt, Mrs. William, Frian-farm, Peckham-rye, Duties (1819)
Huntley, Mr., bookseller, Bristol, Miracles (1812)
Hurst, Miss, 1, Great Tower-street, Doctrines (1818)
Hurst, Mr., Queen's-row, Walworth, Prophecy (1809)
Hurst, John, Esq., York-place, Walworth, Miracles (1812)
Huxley, James, 126, Bunhill-row, Miracles (1812)
Huxley, Mr. James, 126, Bunhill-row, Prophecy (1809)
Hyddon, Mr. E. J., Kingsland-road, Parables (1815)
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Iselton, Mr. Charles, Camberwell, Miracles (1812)
Ivatts, Mrs., at Mesdames Brown's and Stokes', Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Ivatts, Mrs., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Ivatts, Mrs., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Ivatts, Mrs., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Ivatts, Mrs., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Ivitt, Mr., Providence-row, Duties (1819)
Izod, Mr. T. E., Red Cross-street, Borough, Duties (1819)
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Jacks, Mr., Dulwich, Prophecy (1809)
Jacks, Mr., Grove-hill, Camberwell, Miracles (1812)
Jacks, James, Esq., Grove-hill, Doctrines (1818)
Jacks, James, Esq., Grove-hill, Duties (1819)
Jackson, Mr. B., Bethnal-green, Prophecy (1809)
Jackson, Mr., Bridgewater-square, Prophecy (1809)
Jackson, Mrs., Bridgewater-square, Miracles (1812)
Jackson, Mr. Walter, Gutter-lane, Parables (1815)
Jackson, W., Esq., Gutter-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Jackson, W., Esq., Gutter-lane, Duties (1819)
Jackson, Mrs., 124, Tyson-place, Kingsland-road, Doctrines (1818)
Jackson, Mrs., Tyson-place, Kingsland-road, Duties (1819)
Jackson, Mrs., 124, Tyson's-place, Kingsland-road, Comparison (1823)
Jackson, Randle, Esq., Essex-street, Strand, Doctrines (1818)
Jacob, John, Esq., Newgate-street, Prophecy (1809)
Jacob, John, Esq., Newgate-street, Miracles (1812)
Jacob, Charles, Esq., Greenwich, Parables (1815)
Jacob, Charles, Esq., Greenwich, Doctrines (1818)
Jacob, Charles, Greenwich, Doctrines (1818)
Jacobs, Charles, Esq., Greenwich, Duties (1819)
Jacob, Mr. Charles, Greenwich, Comparison (1823)
Jacobs, Mrs. Charles, Bristol, Prophecy (1809)
Jacobs, Mr. Charles, Bristol, Miracles (1812)
Jacobs, Mr., Bristol, Parables (1815)
Jacobs, Mr., Lewisham, Miracles (1812)
Jacobs, Mrs., Bristol, Prophecy (1809)
Jacobs, Mrs. P., Bristol, Miracles (1812)
Jacob, Mrs., St. Alban's-street, Windsor, Parables (1815)
Jacobs, Mrs., St. Alban's-street, Windsor, Doctrines (1818)
Jacobs, Mr. J., Cumberland-row, Islington, Doctrines (1818)
Jameson, Mrs., Lewisham, Parables (1815)
Jardine, Mr. Alexander, 14, Fenchurch-street, Prophecy (1809)
J'Auson, Mr. William, Aldgate, Miracles (1812)
Jeanes, Mr. B., student, Hoxton, Prophecy (1809)
Jeanes, Benjamin, Esq., Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, Miracles (1812)
Jeffrey, George, Esq., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Jeffrey, George, Esq., Peckham , Miracles (1812)
Jennings, Joseph, Esq., Queen-street, Prophecy (1809)
Jennings, Joseph, Esq., Queen-street, Miracles (1812)
Jennings, Mr., Aldersgate-street, Duties (1819)
Johnson, Mr. James, 28, City-road, Prophecy (1809)
Johnson, J. James, 28, City-road, Miracles (1812)
Johnson, Mr. John, City-road, Parables (1815)
Johnson, Mr. Jas. J., City-road, Parables (1815)
Johnstone, J. J., Esq., Upper Clapton, Duties (1819)
Johnson, Mr. J. L., City-road, Duties (1819)
Johnston, Mr. S. L., City-road, Comparison (1823)
Johnson, Mr. R., Golden-square, Miracles (1812)
Johnson, the Hon. H. M., Brompton-row, Prophecy (1809)
Johnston, Mrs., Hardwicke, near Lynn, Prophecy (1809)
Jolly, Mr. J., Holborn, Miracles (1812)
Jones, Miss A., 20, Bury-street, Bloomsbury-square, Miracles (1812)
Jones, Miss, 23, Charlotte-street, Bedford-square, Prophecy (1809)
Jones, Miss, 23, Charlotte-street, Bedford-square, Miracles (1812)
Jones, Miss, Charlotte-street, Bedford-square, Parables (1815)
Jones, Miss, Charlotte-street, Bedford-square, Duties (1819)
Jones, Mr. H., 23, Charlotte-street, Bedford-square, Doctrines (1818)
Jones, Miss, Finsbury-place, Prophecy (1809)
Jones, Miss, 8, Finsbury-place, Miracles (1812)
Jones, Mr. M., Battersea, Prophecy (1809)
Jones, Mr. S. M., Battersea, Miracles (1812)
Jones, Mr. Samuel, 187, Bishopsgate-street, Miracles (1812)
Jones, Mrs., Rotherhithe, Miracles (1812)
Jones, Richard, Esq., Howland-street, Fitzroy-square, Prophecy (1809)
Jones, Richard, Esq., Howland-street, Fitzoy-square, Miracles (1812)
Jones, Mr. Edward, Kent-street, Borough, Comparison (1823)
Jones, Mr. H., Camden's-row, Bethnal-green, Doctrines (1818)
Jones, Mr. John, East-India House, Parables (1815)
Jones, Mr. John, 150, Fleet-street, Doctrines (1818)
Jones, Mr. S., Devonshire-street, Bishopsgate, Doctrines (1818)
Jones, Mr. T., Missionary-room, Old Jewry, Doctrines (1818)
Jones, Mr., Missionary Rooms, Old Jewry, Duties (1819)
Jones, Mr., Peckham-Rye-lane, Parables (1815)
Jones, Mr., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Jones, Mrs., 13, Little St. Thomas Apostle, Doctrines (1818)
Jones, Mrs., Great St. Thomas Apostle, Duties (1819)
Jones, Rev. Arthur, Deptford, Doctrines (1818)
Jones, Rev. Arthur, Deptford, Duties (1819)
Jones, Rev. Arthur, Deptford, Comparison (1823)
Jones, Thomas, jun., Esq., High-street, Southwark, Duties (1819)
Jones, Thomas, jun., Esq., High-street, Southwark, Comparison (1823)
Jordan, Mr., Camberwell-grove, Prophecy (1809)
Jordan, Mr., Denmark-hill, Miracles (1812)
Jordan, Joseph, Esq., Denmark-hill, Parables (1815)
Joyner, Mr. John, Peckham , Miracles (1812)
Joyner, Mr. Joseph, Romford, Essex, Miracles (1812)
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Keates, Mrs., Cheapside, Parables (1815)
Keats, Mrs. I., 74, Cheapside, Doctrines (1818)
Keech, Mr., 12, Craven's-buildings, City-road, Prophecy (1809)
Keech, Mr. Joseph, 2, Moffatt-terrace, Trafalgar-street, City-road, Miracles (1812)
Keech, Mr., Haberdasher's-street, Hoxton, Doctrines (1818)
Keech, Mr. Joseph, Haberdasher's-street, Hoxton, Duties (1819)
Kelso, Mrs. E., 8, Tabernacle-row, Doctrines (1818)
Kelso, Mr. E., [printed as Ekelso, Mr.], Tabernacle-walk, Duties (1819)
Kelso, Mr. E., 8, Tabernacle-walk, Comparison (1823)
Kemp, Mr. Edward, Prophecy (1809)
Kemp, Mr. Edward, Cheapside, Miracles (1812)
Kemp, Mr. John, 127, Cheapside, Prophecy (1809)
Kemp, Mr. John, 127, Cheapside, Miracles (1812)
Kemp, Rev. Robt., Ely, Doctrines (1818)
Kemp, Rev. Robert, Angel-terrace, Islington, Duties (1819)
Kennard, Mr. John, Red Cross-street, Prophecy (1809)
Kennard, John, 23, Red-cross-street, Miracles (1812)
Kennard, Mr., Red Cross-street, Duties (1819)
Kennard, Mr., 23, Redcross-street, Comparison (1823)
Kennion, Mr., Salter's Hall-court, Parables (1815)
Kent, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of, Duties (1819)
Kent, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of, Comparison (1823)
Kent, His Royal Highness the Duke of, etc., Miracles (1812)
Kent, His Royal Highness the Duke of, etc., Parables (1815)
Kent, His Royal Highness the Duke of, K.G., etc., Doctrines (1818)
Kent, His Royal Highness the Duke of, K.G., etc., Duties (1819)
Kent, Mr. S. L., Carpenter's-hall, Miracles (1812)
Kent, Samuel, Esq., Mark-lane, Parables (1815)
Kent, Samuel, Esq., Mark-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Kent, Samuel, Esq., Mark-lane, Duties (1819)
Kent, William, Esq., Clapton, Parables (1815)
Kent, W., Esq., Clapton, Doctrines (1818)
Kent, W., Esq., Clapton, Duties (1819)
Kiddell, Mr. John, East-India House, Parables (1815)
Kingsbury, the Rev. William, Southampton, Prophecy (1809)
Kingsbury, the Rev. W., A.M., Caversham, Miracles (1812)
Kingsford, the Rev. Sampson, near Canterbury, Prophecy (1809)
Kingsford, Miss, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Kinnard, Mr., 23, Redcross-street, Doctrines (1818)
Kinsman, Mr. A. G., 300, Borough, Prophecy (1809)
Kipping, Mr. J. S., Charlotte-street, Southwark, Duties (1819)
Kirkman, Mrs., Wood-street, Cheapside, Comparison (1823)
Kitchener, Miss Penelope, Leicester, Miracles (1812)
Knightly, Lady, Prophecy (1809)
Knightly, Lady, Miracles (1812)
Knightly, Lady, Parables (1815)
Knightly, Lady, Doctrines (1818)
Knightley, Lady, Duties (1819)
Knightley, Lady, Comparison (1823)
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Lake, the Rev. Dr., Rectory, Rotherhithe, Prophecy (1809)
Lake, the Rev. Dr., Rotherhithe, Miracles (1812)
Lake, Dr. Rev. Rotherhithe, Parables (1815)
Lake, Rev. J., Rotherhithe, Duties (1819)
Lambert, Miss, Steadman's-row, Holloway, Miracles (1812)
Lambeth, Mr. Thomas, Deal, Kent, Prophecy (1809)
Lance, Mr. Thomas, 1 New-court, Bow-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Lance, Mr. Thomas, New-court, Bow-lane, Duties (1819)
Lance, Mr. William, Hatter, 51, Blackman-street, Comparison (1823)
Lance, Mrs. Anne, New-court, Bow-lane, Comparison (1823)
Lane, the Rev. William, Wells, Somersetshire, Miracles (1812)
Laurie, Peter, Esq., Oxford-street, Duties (1819)
Lawford, Samuel, Esq., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Lawford, Samuel, Esq., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Lawless, Mr. James, Church-street, Bethnal-green-road, Miracles (1812)
Lawrance, Mr., 64, Goswell-street, Prophecy (1809)
Lawford, Samuel, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Lawford, Samuel, Esq., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Lawford, Samuel, Esq., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Lecount, Mr. Peter, Craven-street, Charles-square, Parables (1815)
Lee, Mr., Grove-lane, Camberwell, Miracles (1812)
Lee, Mrs. Robert, Cambridge, Duties (1819)
Lee, Mrs., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Lee, Mrs., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Lee, Mrs., Shard's-place, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Lee, Rev. Robert, Stevenage, Comparison (1823)
Lees, Mr. Joseph, Hempshaw-lane, Stockport, Miracles (1812)
Lees, Mrs. Nancy, Stockport, Parables (1815)
Leifchild, Rev. Mr., Kennington, Parables (1815)
Liefchild, Rev. Mr., Kensington, Doctrines (1818)
Leifchild, Rev. Mr., Kensington, Duties (1819)
Le trobe, the Rev. Mr., Fetter-lane, Miracles (1812)
Lewes, William, 75, Old-street, Doctrines (1818)
Lewis, Mr. T., Bond-court, Doctrines (1818)
Lewis, Mr. Thomas, Comparison (1823)
Livock, Mr. John, jun., Hampstead, Miracles (1812)
Light, Mr. Richard, Islington, Parables (1815)
Light, Mr. Richard, Watling-street, Duties (1819)
Lime, Mr. John, Mile-end, Prophecy (1809)
Lindsay, Ralph, Esq., St. Thomas's-street, Southwark, Comparison (1823)
List, Mrs., 22, Francis-street, Walworth, Comparison (1823)
Liverpool, The Right Hon. the Earl of, K.G., etc., Doctrines (1818)
Llandaff, the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of, etc., Miracles (1812)
Landaff, Right Rev. Lord Bishop of, Parables (1815)
Lloyd, John, Esq., 5, Brunswick-place, Camberwell, Comparison (1823)
Lloyd, Mr., Rotherhithe, Parables (1815)
Lloyd, Mr., Rotherhithe, Doctrines (1818)
Lloyd, Rev. William, Southgate, Parables (1815)
Lloyd, Rev. W., Southgate, Doctrines (1818)
Lloyd, the Rev. R., Rector, St. Clement's Danes, Prophecy (1809)
Lobb, J. B., Esq., Southampton, Parables (1815)
Lobb, J. B., Esq., Southampton, Doctrines (1818)
Lobb, J. B., Esq., Southampton, Duties (1819)
Lockwood, Mrs., Huddersfield, Duties (1819)
Longsden, Mr. David, 48, Castle-street, Borough, Doctrines (1818)
Longstaff, Mrs., Camberwell, Miracles (1812)
Longstaff, Mrs., Camberwell-grove, Prophecy (1809)
Lord, William, Esq., Hatfield, Essex, Miracles (1812)
Lord, William, Esq., Hatfield, Essex, Prophecy (1809)
Lorkinson, Mr., Homerton, Prophecy (1809)
Lotherington, Mr., jun., Hammersmith, Prophecy (1809)
Low, Mr. John, jun., Leadenhall-market, Duties (1819)
Lowe, Mrs. Susannah, Whitecross-street, Miracles (1812)
Lowell, the Rev. Samuel, Bristol, Prophecy (1809)
Lowell, the Rev. S., Bristol, Miracles (1812)
Lowell, Rev. Samuel, Bristol, Parables (1815)
Lowell, Rev. Samuel, Bristol, Doctrines (1818)
Lowell. Rev. S., Kingsdown Parade, Bristol, Duties (1819)
Luck, Joseph, Esq., Clapton, Middlesex, Miracles (1812)
Luck, Joseph, Esq., Prophecy (1809)
Luck, Thos., Esq., Cornhill, Parables (1815)
Luck, Thomas, Esq., Cornhill, Doctrines (1818)
Luck, Thomas, Esq., Cornhill, Duties (1819)
Luntley, Miss, 63, Shoreditch, Comparison (1823)
Lycett, Mr. Edward, 27, Nelson-street, City-road, Comparison (1823)
Lyddon, Mr., Excise Office, London, Parables (1815)
Lyddon, Mrs., 134, Tyson-place, Kingsland-road, Doctrines (1818)
Lyddon, Mrs., Tyson-place, Kingsland-road, Duties (1819)
Lyon, George, Esq., Denmark-hill, Miracles (1812)
Lyon, Madamoiselle, Mesd. Brown and Stokes, Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Lyon, Mademoiselle, Mesdames Brown's and Stokes', Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Lyon, Mademoiselle, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Lyon, Mr. Edward, Stock-Exchange, Comparison (1823)
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McAll, Rev. Robert, A.M., Macclesfield, Parables (1815)
McBrain, Mr., Fenn-court, Parables (1815)
MacCullum, Mr. Hugh, Lochgilpead, Argyleshire, Parables (1815)
MacCallum, Mr. Hugh, Logelhead, Argyleshire, Doctrines (1818)
McDowall, Mr. Samuel, 93, Leadenhall-street, Comparison (1823)
Macfarlane, Captain, Doctrines (1818)
McHenry, Mr. L. J. A., Friday-street, Parables (1815)
MacHenry, Mr., Old-fish-street, Doctrines (1818)
Mackenzie, Miss A. J., Forest-hill, Doctrines (1818)
Mackinnon, Chas., Esq., Campden-hill, Kensington, Comparison (1823)
McNaughton, Mr., Princess-square, Ratcliffe-highway, Duties (1819)
Madan, Mrs., Peterborough Palace, Miracles (1812)
Madden, Rev. Thomas, 14, Quin's-buildings, Goswell-street-road, Doctrines (1818)
Maitland, Alex., Esq., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Maitland, Alexander, Esq., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Maitland, Mrs., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Maitland, Mrs., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Mallison, Mr., Abchurch-yard, Parables (1815)
Manfield, Mr. William, Bennett-street, Blackfriar's-road, Prophecy (1809)
Manfield, Mr. William, Commercial-road, Lambeth, Miracles (1812)
Manfield, Mr., Denmark-hill, Parables (1815)
Manfield, Mr., Denmark Hill, Doctrines (1818)
Manfield, —, Esq., Denmark-hill, Camberwell, Comparison (1823)
Manners, the Right Honourable Lady Robert, Miracles (1812)
Manners, Lady, Parables (1815)
Manners, the Right Hon. Lady Robert, Sutton, Doctrines (1818)
Manners, the Right Hon. Lady Robert, Sutton, Duties (1819)
Marsden, Mr., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Marsden, E., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Marsden, Edward, Esq., 7, Counter-street, Doctrines (1818)
Marsden, Edmund, Esq., Counter-street, Borough, Duties (1819)
Marsden, Mr. Edmund, 7, Counter-street, Southwark, Comparison (1823)
Marsh, Mr. James, 11, Grenville-street, Somer's-town, Prophecy (1809)
Marshall, Miss Eleanor, Shrewsbury, Doctrines (1818)
Marshall, Miss, High Holborn, Parables (1815)
Marshall, Miss, 181 High Holborn, Doctrines (1818)
Marshall, Miss, High Holborn, Duties (1819)
Marshall, Miss, Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Marshall, Miss, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Marshall, Miss, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Marshall, Miss, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Marshall, Mrs., Richmond-street, Soho, Prophecy (1809)
Marshall, Miss, Richmond-street, Soho, Miracles (1812)
Marshall, Mrs., Richmond-street, Soho, Miracles (1812)
Martin, Messrs. Rodwell and, Doctrines (1818)
Mason, S. B., Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Mason, J. B., Esq., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Mason, Mrs., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Masters, Mrs. Isabella, White Hart Tavern, Abchurch-Iane, Duties (1819)
Mathews, Wm., Esq., Bethnal-green, Comparison (1823)
Matthews, J. B., Esq., Rochester, Parables (1815)
Matthews, J. B., Rochester, Langbourn-chambers, Doctrines (1818)
Maughan, Robert, Esq., 32, Great Saint-Helen's, Comparison (1823)
Maunder, James, Esq., Mark-lane, Parables (1815)
Maunder, James, Esq., Mark-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Maunder, James, Esq., Mark-lane, Duties (1819)
Maxey, Samuel, Esq., Aldersgate-ftreet, Miracles (1812)
Maxwell & Wilson, Messrs., Skinner-street, Prophecy (1809)
Maxwell, Mrs., Parables (1815)
May, Miss, Bartholomew-close, Duties (1819)
May, Miss, Bartholomew-close, Comparison (1823)
Medlon, Mr. James, Meteor-street, Maze, Tooley-street, Parables (1815)
Medland, Jas., 16, Million-street, bottom of the Maze, Tooley-street, Doctrines (1818)
Medlycott, Mr., Herne-hill, near Dulwich, Prophecy (1809)
Medlycott, Mrs., Herne-hill, Miracles (1812)
Meek, Mr., Basinghall-street, Prophecy (1809)
Mercer, the Rev. Mr., Abingdon, Miracles (1812)
Meriton, Mr., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Meriton, Mrs., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Meriton, Mrs., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Meriton, Mrs., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Meriton, Mrs., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Merridew, Mr. John, Coventry, Prophecy (1809)
Merridew, John, Coventry, Miracles (1812)
Middleton, Mr. Thomas, Sweeting's-alley, Cornhill, Duties (1819)
Mill, Miss A., Grub-street, Miracles (1812)
Miller, Miss, Brunswick-square, Prophecy (1809)
Miller, Mr. John, Brunswick-square, Prophecy (1809)
Miller, Mr., Chancery-lane, Prophecy (1809)
Miller, Mr., Nicols-square, Parables (1815)
Minton, Mr. S., 19, Minories, Prophecy (1809)
Mitchell, Mr., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Mitchell, Mr., Peckham Rye, Miracles (1812)
Mitchell, John, esq., Peckham-rye, Doctrines (1818)
Mitchell, Rev. Eli, 101, Borough, Doctrines (1818)
Mitchell, Rev. Eli, Borough, Duties (1819)
Mitchell, Rev. Eli, 101, Borough, Comparison (1823)
Moat, Mr. Thomas, 4, Barge-yard, Prophecy (1809)
Moat, Mr. Thomas, Barge-yard, Bucklersbury, Miracles (1812)
Moffatt, Mr., West-Ham, Prophecy (1809)
Monds, Mr. Thomas, Gloucester-street, Commercial-road, Duties (1819)
Montague, Mr., Charter-house-square, Prophecy (1809)
Montague, James, Esq., Charterhouse-square, Miracles (1812)
Moore, Miss, St. Martin's-court, Strand, Comparison (1823)
Morell, Rev. Thomas, Wymondley, Comparison (1823)
Morgan, Mr. C., Grosvenor-place, Deptford, Prophecy (1809)
Morgan, Mr., Victualling-row, Deptford, Miracles (1812)
Morgan, Wm., Esq., Camberwell, Parables (1815)
Morgan, William, Esq., Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Morgan, W., Esq., Camberwell, Duties (1819)
Mormsey, Mr. S., 28, Basinghall-street, Doctrines (1818)
Morren, Rev. J. W., 19, Brunswick-street, Hackney-road, Comparison (1823)
Morris, Mr. Thomas, Castle-street, Holborn, Parables (1815)
Morris, Mrs., Castle-street, Holborn, Parables (1815)
Morrison, Alexander, Doctrines (1818)
Mortlock, Mr. J., Edgeware-road, Prophecy (1809)
Moselden, Thomas, Bermondsey, Doctrines (1818)
Moseley, Richard, Esq., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Moseley, Richard, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Moseley, Richard, Esq., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Moseley, Richard, Esq., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Moseley, Rd., Esq., Champion-hill, Camberwell, Comparison (1823)
Moseley, Mr. W., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Moss, Mr., Shoreditch, Duties (1819)
Moulden, Mr., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Moulden, Mr. Thomas, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Moulden, Mr. F., Southwark, Doctrines (1818)
Mounce, Mr. W., 19, Philpot-Iane, London-wall, Miracles (1812)
Moxsy, Mr., Whitechapel-road Academy, Parables (1815)
Moxley, Mr. Francis, 142, Whitechapel-road, Doctrines (1818)
Muncaster, General The Right Honourable Lord, Doctrines (1818)
Munro, Alexander, Esq., Prophecy (1809)
Munro, Colonel, Prophecy (1809)
Muspratt, John, Esq., Old Bond-street, Miracles (1812)
Mutrie, Wm., Lanark Cottage, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Mutrie, Mr., Lanark-cottage, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Myddleton, the Rev. Thomas, Endon, Miracles (1812)
Myers, Mr. John, Canterbury-place, Walworth, Prophecy (1809)
Myers, Thomas, A.M., Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, Miracles (1812)
Myers, Thos., Esq. M.A., Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, Parables (1815)
Myers, Thomas, Esq., M.A., Royal Military College, Woolwich, Doctrines (1818)
Myers, Thos., Esq., M.A., Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, Duties (1819)
Myers, Thomas, Esq., M. A., Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, Comparison (1823)
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Nailer, Mr. John, 72, Goswell-street, Doctrines (1818)
Naish, Miss S., Walton on the Hill, Surrey, Parables (1815)
Naish, Miss S., Walton-on-the-Hill, Surrey, Doctrines (1818)
Nantes, Mr., Grove-terrace, Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Napier, Thomas, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Napier, Thomas, Esq., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Napier, Thomas, Esq., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Napper, Mrs., Hampstead, Doctrines (1818)
Neale, Mr. John, 137, Fleet-street, Doctrines (1818)
Neale, Mrs. Elizabeth, 25, Sun-street, Doctrines (1818)
Needham, Miss, Miracles (1812)
Needham, Mr., Acton-place, Kingsland, Duties (1819)
Needham, Mr., 5, Acton-place, Kingsland-road, Comparison (1823)
Nelson, the Rev. W. A., Rochdale, Prophecy (1809)
Nelson, Mrs., Bethnal-green, Prophecy (1809)
Nelson, Mrs., Bethnal-green, Miracles (1812)
New, Mr., Trowbridge, Miracles (1812)
Newbald, Robert, Esq., 1, Paragon, Prophecy (1809)
Newbald, Robert, Esq., Peckham-style, Kent-road, Miracles (1812)
Newcomb, Mr. T. W., Pentonville, Prophecy (1809)
Newcombe, Mr. T. W., Pentonville, Miracles (1812)
Newcome, Mr., Pentonville, Parables (1815)
Newell, Mr. Samuel, Ramsey, Hunts., Parables (1815)
Newell, Mr. Samuel, Romsey, Hants., Doctrines (1818)
Newell, Mr. Samuel, Romsey, Hants., Duties (1819)
Newman, Mr. T., Bethel-place, Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Newman, Thomas, Esq., Shard's-place, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Newman, T., Esq., Strand-place, Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Newsam, John, Esq., Borough, Miracles (1812)
Newsome, Mr., Borough, Parables (1815)
Newsome, Mr., Borough, Duties (1819)
Newsom, Mr., Borough, Doctrines (1818)
Newsom, Mr., Borough, Duties (1819)
Newsom, John, Esq., Borough, Comparison (1823)
Newton, W., Esq., Chancery-lane, Comparison (1823)
Nicholson, Mr., Fleet-street, Doctrines (1818)
Norris, Mr., jun., Little Moorgate, Parables (1815)
Norton, Mr., Crescent, Albany-road, Comparison (1823)
Norwich, The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, etc., Doctrines (1818)
Norwich, The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, Duties (1819)
Norwich, Right Rev. Lord Bishop of, Comparison (1823)
Notcutt, the Rev. Mr., near Market Harborough, Miracles (1812)
Nott, Mr., Newgate-street , Prophecy (1809)
Nott, Mr., Newgate-street, Miracles (1812)
Nott, Mr., Newgate-street, Parables (1815)
Nott, Mr. Randolph, 101, Newgate-street, Doctrines (1818)
Nott, Mr. Randolph, George's-place, Camberwell, Duties (1819)
Nott, Mr. Charles, St. Mary Axe, Comparison (1823)
Nott, Mr. K. Q., Granger-place, Camberwell, Comparison (1823)
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Oakes, the Rev. Edward, Mount Taber-chapel, Stockport, Miracles (1812)
Oakes, Rev. Edward, Chester, Parables (1815)
Oldfield, B., Esq., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Oldfield, Benjamin, Esq., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Oldfield, T. B., Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Oldfield, T., Esq., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Olding, Stephen, Esq., Freeman's-court, Cornhill, Prophecy (1809)
Olding, Stephen, Esq, Freeman's-court, Cornhill, Miracles (1812)
Orchard, Mr. Joseph, Little Burr-street, Prophecy (1809)
Orchard, Joseph, Little Burr-street, Miracles (1812)
Orchard, Mr., Prophecy (1809)
Orchard, Mr., Coal Exchange, Doctrines (1818)
Orme, the Rev. Daniel, 308, Oxford-street, Miracles (1812)
Osborne, Mr. Q., attorney, Cork, Miracles (1812)
Oswald, Mr., Deptford, Prophecy (1809)
Oswald, Mr., Deptford, Miracles (1812)
Oswald, Mr., Deptford, Parables (1815)
Oswald, Wm., Esq., Lower-road, Deptford, Doctrines (1818)
Oswald, William, Esq., Deptford, Duties (1819)
Oswald, Mrs., Deptford, Prophecy (1809)
Oswald, Mrs., Deptford, Miracles (1812)
Oswald, Mrs., Lower-road, Deptford, Doctrines (1818)
Otway, Mr. Thomas, Barbican, Prophecy (1809)
Outhwaite, Thomas, Esq., Queen-street, Cheapside, Parables (1815)
Outhwaite, Mr. Thomas, 10, King-street, Cheapside, Doctrines (1818)
Outhwaite, Thomas, Esq., King-street, Cheapside, Duties (1819)
Outhwaite, Thomas, Esq., Doctrines (1818)
Outhwaite, Mr. W., 3, Little, Burr-street, East Smithfield, Doctrines (1818)
Oxford, Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, Doctrines (1818)
Oxford, Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, Duties (1819)
Oxford, Honourable and Right Rev. Lord Bishop of, Comparison (1823)
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Palmer, W., Esq., Corner of Lothbury and Coleman-street, Comparison (1823)
Park, Mr. William, Fish-street-hill, Duties (1819)
Parke, Mr., Clerkenwell, Miracles (1812)
Parker, Mr. A., 57, Tottenham-court-road, Doctrines (1818)
Parker, Mr., 122, St John's-street, Prophecy (1809)
Parker, Robert, Esq., Stockport, Parables (1815)
Parkinson, Mr., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Parry, Mr. John, hosier, Hill-gate, Stockport, Miracles (1812)
Parsons, Mr. W., Bristol, Parables (1815)
Payne, Mr. John, Whitechapel-road, Duties (1819)
Peacock, Mrs., 4, Rye-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Pearce, Mrs., St. Swithin's-lane, Prophecy (1809)
Pearce, William, Esq., St. Swithin's-lane, Miracles (1812)
Pearce, W., Esq., St. Swithin's-lane, Comparison (1823)
Pearce, William, Esq., Peckham Rye, Parables (1815)
Pearce, William, Esq., Peckham-rye, Doctrines (1818)
Pearce, W., Esq., Peckham-rye, Duties (1819)
Pearson, Mr. Samuel, 43, Queen-street, Cheapside, Doctrines (1818)
Pease, Mr. William, Castle-street, Bloomsbury, Miracles (1812)
Peck, Mr., Lombard-street, Parables (1815)
Peck, Mr. James, Lombard-street, Doctrines (1818)
Peck, Mr. James, Lombard-street, Duties (1819)
Peck, Mr. James, 47, Lombard-street, Comparison (1823)
Pellatt, Apsley, Esq., St. Paul's Church-yard, Prophecy (1809)
Pellatt, A., Esq., St. Paul's-church-yard, Miracles (1812)
Pettit, Mr. Richard, College-hill, Parables (1815)
Pellit, Mr. Richard, College-hill, Doctrines (1818)
Peltitt, Mr. Richard, College-hill, Duties (1819)
Peltite, Mr., Blind School, Obelisk, Duties (1819)
Pemberton, Mr., Cornhill, Doctrines (1818)
Pepper, Miss, Mr. Ware's, Bridge-street, Prophecy (1809)
Pepper, Mrs. Ann, Miracles (1812)
Perram, Mr., Brook-house, Cheshunt, Prophecy (1809)
Perram, Mrs., Brook-house, Cheshunt, Miracles (1812)
Peterborough, the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of, etc., Miracles (1812)
Peterborough, Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, Parables (1815)
Pettigrew, T. J., Esq., F.L.S., 3, Bolt-court, Fleet-street, Doctrines (1818)
Pettigrew, T. J., Esq., F.L.S., Spring-gardens, Duties (1819)
Pettigrew, T. J., Esq., F. L. S., Spring-gardens, Comparison (1823)
Phayr, R., Esq., Charlotte-street, Bloomsbury, Prophecy (1809)
Pheasant, Mr. J., Commercial-road, Waterloo-bridge, Comparison (1823)
Phene, Mr., Nicholas, London-wall, Prophecy (1809)
Phene, Mr. Nicholas, London-wall, Miracles (1812)
Phillips, Captain, Guildford-street, Parables (1815)
Phillips, Mr., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Phillips, Mrs., Doctrines (1818)
Phipps, Mr. William, Whitechapel, Parables (1815)
Phipps, Mr., Whitechapel, Doctrines (1818)
Phipps, Mr., Whitechapel, Duties (1819)
Phipps, Mr. William, 90, Whitechapel, Comparison (1823)
Pickett, Mr., Bridgewater-square, Barbican, Parables (1815)
Pierce, Mr. C., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Pierce, Mrs., Greenwich, Parables (1815)
Pierce, Mrs., Greenwich, Doctrines (1818)
Piercy, the Rev. J. S., York-house, Hackney-road, Miracles (1812)
Piercy, Mr. George, Leadenhall Market, Parables (1815)
Piercy, Mr. George, Leadenhall-market, Doctrines (1818)
Pike, Mr., Warwick-lane, Prophecy (1809)
Pimlott, Mr. John, Seal-office, Temple, Prophecy (1809)
Pimlott, Mr. John, Basinghall-street, Miracles (1812)
Pimloft, Mr. John, Temple, Parables (1815)
Pimlott, Mr. J., Middle Temple-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Pimlott, Mr., Seal-office, Temple, Doctrines (1818)
Pinchbeck, Mrs., Prophecy (1809)
Pinchbeck, Mrs., 8, St. George's-row, Hyde-park, Miracles (1812)
Pine [or Pyne], Mrs., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Pirson, Joseph, Esq., Twp Waters, Herts., Parables (1815)
Pirson, Joseph, Esq., Two Waters, Herts., Doctrines (1818)
Pitcher, Mr. Jeremiah, Canterbury-square, Duties (1819)
Pitman, Israel, Spa-road, Parables (1815)
Plummer, John, Esq., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Plummer, John, Esq., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Plummer, John, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Plummer, Thomas, Esq., Camberwell Terrace, Prophecy (1809)
Plumer, Thomas, Esq., Camberwell, Miracles (1812)
Plummer, Thos., Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Plummer, Thomas, Esq., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Pocock, Mrs., 12, Clayton-place, Kennington, Doctrines (1818)
Poole, James, Esq., Seal-office, Temple, Prophecy (1809)
Poole, Mr., jun., Chelsea, Prophecy (1809)
Poole, Mr. W., 10, St. George's Place, Cannon-street-road, Doctrines (1818)
Poole, Mr., St. George's-place, Cannon-street-road, Duties (1819)
Poole, W., Esq., 10, St. George's-place, Cannon-street-road, Comparison (1823)
Poole, the Rev. S. G., Chelsea, Prophecy (1809)
Poole, Samuel Guwer, Esq., King's-road, Chelsea, Miracles (1812)
Pope, Mr., 39, St. Paul's-church-yard, Miracles (1812)
Porter, Miss, Sutton Scutney, Parables (1815)
Potter, Mr. Charles, jun., Stockport, Miracles (1812)
Pougch, Mr., Last-street, Borough, Parables (1815)
Poulton, Mr. John, Birchin-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Powell, Mr. J., Blackman-street, Borough, Comparison (1823)
Powell, Mr. W., Brixton-place, Stockwell, Prophecy (1809)
Pownall, Mr. Henry, Russell-square, Doctrines (1818)
Pratt, Mr., Greenwich, Doctrines (1818)
Prentice, Mr. William, Borough, Duties (1819)
Prentice, Mrs., Prittlewell, Essex, Miracles (1812)
Preston, John, Rye-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Preston, John, Esq., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Preston, Mr. G., 38, Burr-street, Miracles (1812)
Preston, Mr. George, Yarmouth, Miracles (1812)
Preston, Mr. William, Fish-street-hill, Doctrines (1818)
Prettyman, Mr., Whitechapel, Prophecy (1809)
Pretyman, Mr., Whitechapel, Miracles (1812)
Price, Mr. Thomas, Rotherhithe, Prophecy (1809)
Price, Mrs., Great Dover-street, Borough, Duties (1819)
Printup, Mr. John, Princess-street, Doctrines (1818)
Prichard, John, Esq., Hackney, Miracles (1812)
Pritchard, Captain, Spring-gardens-place, Stepney, Doctrines (1818)
Pritchard, Captain, Spring Gardens'-place, Stepney, Duties (1819)
Pugh, Mrs., Bernard-street, Russell-square, Prophecy (1809)
Pugh, Mr., Bernard-street, Russel-square, Miracles (1812)
Pugley, Rev. Mr., Hoxton Academy, Parables (1815)
Pugsley, Rev. Mr., Hoxton Academy, Doctrines (1818)
Pyne, Mrs., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Pyne, Mrs., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Pyne [or Pine], Mrs., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Pyne [or Pine], Mrs., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Pyne, Rev. Mr., Comparison (1823)
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Raban, Mr. S., at Rev. George CoIlinson's, Hackney, Miracles (1812)
Raban, Rev. J., St. Allan's, Duties (1819)
Raffles, Miss, Princes-street, Spitalfields, Prophecy (1809)
Raffles, Miss, Prince's-street, Spital-fields, Miracles (1812)
Raffles, the Rev. Thomas, Hammersmith, Prophecy (1809)
Raffles, the Rev. T., Hammersmith, Miracles (1812)
Raffles, Rev. T., Liverpool, Parables (1815)
Raffles, Rev. Thomas, Liverpool, Doctrines (1818)
Raffles, Rev. Thomas, A.M., Liverpool, Duties (1819)
Raffles, Rev. Dr., Liverpool, Comparison (1823)
Raffles, Mr. William, Princes-street, Spitalfields, Prophecy (1809)
Raffles, Mr. William, Prince's-street, Miracles (1812)
Ramscar, Mr. Mark, London, Miracles (1812)
Ranyard, Mr. Robert, 42, Noble-street, Miracles (1812)
Reade, William, Esq., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Read, William, Esq., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Read, Mr., 109, St. Martin's-lane, Miracles (1812)
Read, Mr., 86, Cheapside, Miracles (1812)
Read, Mr., Comparison (1823)
Ready, Mrs., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Ready, Mrs., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Redhouse, Thomas, Camden-row, Doctrines (1818)
Redial, J., Union-street, Southwark, Duties (1819)
Reid, Mr., Dean-street, Fetter-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Reid, Mr. George, Dean-street, Fetter-lane, Duties (1819)
Reny, Mr., Canon-street-road, St. George's in the East, Prophecy (1809)
Reynolds, Mr. William, London-road, Hackney, Prophecy (1809)
Reynolds, Mr. William Reynolds, London-fields, Hackney, Miracles (1812)
Reynolds, Mr., 7, Walworth-terrace, Prophecy (1809)
Reynolds, Mrs., 7, Walworth-terrace, Miracles (1812)
Ribbins, Mr. Charles, Rosemary-lane, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Richards, Miss, Reading, Miracles (1812)
Richards, Mr. William, Bridgewater-square, Doctrines (1818)
Richards, Rev. Mr., Stourbridge, Duties (1819)
Richards, Rev. John, Comparison (1823)
Richardson, Mr. H., Commercial-road, Prophecy (1809)
Riddell, Mr. Alexander, 68, Queen-street, Miracles (1812)
Rideal, Mr. J. Union-street, Southwark,, Comparison (1823)
Ridgeway, Mr. George, potter, Shelton, Staffordshire, Miracles (1812)
Rigby, Mr., Chatham-place, Miracles (1812)
Ring, Mr., Canon-street-road, St. George's, Prophecy (1809)
Ring, Mr., Cannon-street-road, Miracles (1812)
Rippon, Rev. John, D. D., Great Dover-place, Kent-road, Comparison (1823)
Rixon, Mr. H., 1, Albany-road, Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Roake, Mr. J. W., Bow Church-yard, Duties (1819)
Robbins, Mr. Charles, Rosemary-lane, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Robbins, Mr. Charles, Rosemary-branch-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Robbins, Mr. Charles, Rosemary-lane, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Roberts, Mr. George, Fore-street, Prophecy (1809)
Roberts, Mr. George, Fore-street, Miracles (1812)
Roberts, Mr. James, 15, Little East Cheap, Comparison (1823)
Robertson, Mr. David, Paradise-row, Bethnal-green, Doctrines (1818)
Robertson, Mr. David, Paradise-row, Bethnal-green, Duties (1819)
Robertson, Mr. Samuel, Finsbury-place, Miracles (1812)
Robins & Son, Messrs., Tooley-street, Parables (1815)
Robins, Mr. C., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Robinson, Mr. James, 5, Little-dean's-court, St. Martin's-le-grand, Miracles (1812)
Robinson, Rev. J., Westmoreland-place, City-road, Comparison (1823)
Robinson, Mr. Samuel, Finsbury-place, Prophecy (1809)
Robinson, Samuel, Albion-street, Miracles (1812)
Robinson, Mr., 7, Albion-street, Blackfriar's-road, Prophecy (1809)
Robinson, Mr., jun., Green Bank, Wapping, Duties (1819)
Rodber, Rev. W. Johnson, Mr. Bigg, Parliament-street, Doctrines (1818)
Rodick, Archibald, Esq., Wellingborough, Duties (1819)
Rodwell and Martin, Messrs., Doctrines (1818)
Roper, Alfred, Esq., Hearn-hill, Camberwell, Comparison (1823)
Roswell, Mr. H. G., Thatched House-row, Islington, Duties (1819)
Rowe, Mrs., Tottenham, Miracles (1812)
Rowe, William, Esq., Blackheath, Miracles (1812)
Rowe, William, Esq., North-end, near Hammersmith, Miracles (1812)
Rowley, Mr., 10, Gray's-inn-terrace, Doctrines (1818)
Roworth, B. C., Esq., Duties (1819)
Rudge, Rev. James, Limehouse, etc., Miracles (1812)
Rudge, Rev. James, M. A., F. R. S., Parables (1815)
Rudge, Rev. James, A.M., F.R.S., Limehouse, Doctrines (1818)
Rudge, Rev. J., D.D., F.R.S., Limehouse, Duties (1819)
Rugsley, Mr., Hoxton Academy, Parables (1815)
Rugsley, Mrs., Hoxton Academy, Doctrines (1818)
Rushen, Mr. James Reading, Parables (1815)
Rusher, Mr., Reading, Prophecy (1809)
Rusher, James, bookseller, Reading, Miracles (1812)
Russell, Mr. George, Cross-street, Newington Butts, Doctrines (1818)
Russell, Miss, Dyer's Hall-wharf, Duties (1819)
Russell, Miss, 31, Hampton-street, Walworth, Comparison (1823)
Rutherford, Miss Margaret, 66, Westmoreland-place, City-road, Doctrines (1818)
Rutherford, Mrs., Ratcliffe-highway, Prophecy (1809)
Rutherford, Mrs., Ratcliffe-highway, Miracles (1812)
Rutherford, Mrs., Ratcliffe-highway, Parables (1815)
Rutherford, Mrs., Ratcliffe-highway, Doctrines (1818)
Rutherford, Mr., Ratcliffe-highway, Duties (1819)
Rutherford, Mrs., Well-street, Hackney, Doctrines (1818)
Rutter, Mr. S., Merton, Miracles (1812)
Rutter, Mr., Newgate-market, Prophecy (1809)
Rutter, Mr. J., Newgate Market, Parables (1815)
Rutter, V., Newgate-street, Miracles (1812)
Rutter, V., Esq., Newgate-market, Doctrines (1818)
Rutter, Mr. Valentine, Newgate-market, Duties (1819)
Rutter, V., Esq., Newgate-market, Duties (1819)
Ryland, Mr. Archer, Miracles (1812)
Ryland, Archer, Esq., Gray's-inn, Doctrines (1818)
Ryland, Mr. Edward, Miracles (1812)
Ryland, Miss Emily, Miracles (1812)
Ryland, Mr. John Croft, Haydon-square, Miracles (1812)
Ryland, Mr. Richard Henry, Miracles (1812)
Ryland, Richard, Esq., 3, Savage-gardens, Miracles (1812)
Ryland, Richard, Esq., Savage-gardens, Parables (1815)
Ryland, Richard, Esq., Savage-gardens, Doctrines (1818)
Ryland, Richard., Esq., Savage-gardens, Duties (1819)
Ryland, Mrs., 3, Savage-gardens, Miracles (1812)
Ryland, Mrs., Savage-gardens, Duties (1819)
Ryland, Mr. Septimus, Miracles (1812)
Ryland, Mr. William, Miracles (1812)
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Sabine, the Rev. James, Tunbridge, Prophecy (1809)
Sabine, Rev. James, Tunbridge, Parables (1815)
Sabine, Wm., Esq., jun., Church-street, Spitalfields, Parables (1815)
Sabine, Mr., Comparison (1823)
Sadgrave, W., 20, Broker's-row, Moorfields, Doctrines (1818)
Salisbury, the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of, etc., Miracles (1812)
Salisbury, Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, Parables (1815)
Salisbury, the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of,, Doctrines (1818)
Salisbury, the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, Duties (1819)
Salisbury, Right Rev. Lord Bishop of, Comparison (1823)
Salter, Miss, 5, Bishopsgate without, Miracles (1812)
Samier, William, Esq., St. Andrew s-hill, Miracles (1812)
Sandford, Mrs., Queen-street, Chester, Parables (1815)
Sandford, Mr. James, Aldermanbury, Doctrines (1818)
Sandford, Mrs., Salter's-hall, Duties (1819)
Sands, Robert, Nottingham, Miracles (1812)
Saunders, Mr. Cornelius, Helston, Cornwall, Prophecy (1809)
Savidge, Mrs., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Saville, Rev. John, Colchester, Miracles (1812)
Savill, Rev. John, Colchester, Parables (1815)
Savill, Rev. John, Colchester, Doctrines (1818)
Savill, Rev. John, Colchester, Duties (1819)
Schlincker, George, Esq., 6, Commercial-place, Commercial-road, Comparison (1823)
Schofield, Miss, 43, Bunhill-row, Prophecy (1809)
Schofield, Mr. John, Jewin-street, Prophecy (1809)
Schofield, Mr. J., Jewin-street, Miracles (1812)
Schofield, Mr., Jewin-street, Parables (1815)
Scholefield, Mr., Jewin-street, Doctrines (1818)
Scofield, Mr., Jewin-street, Doctrines (1818)
Schofield, Mr., Jewin-street, Duties (1819)
Scott, Rev. George, Greenwich, Miracles (1812)
Scott, Rev. George, Greenwich, Parables (1815)
Scott, Rev. George, Greenwich, Doctrines (1818)
Scott, Rev. J., Doctrines (1818)
Scott, Mr. James, Horslydown-lane, Prophecy (1809)
Scott, John, Esq., Islington, Doctrines (1818)
Scott, John, Esq., Islington, Duties (1819)
Scott, Miss, Worship-street, Prophecy (1809)
Scott, Miss Elizabeth, Terrace, Islington, Miracles (1812)
Scruby, Mr., Pond-park, Telstead, Essex, Miracles (1812)
Seale, David, Esq., Peckham, Surrey, Prophecy (1809)
Searle, Mr., Camberwell-green, Prophecy (1809)
Searle, Mrs. 16., Queen's-row, Camberwell, Comparison (1823)
Self, Robert, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Selwyn, Mr. , Prophecy (1809)
Selwyn, Mr. T., Miracles (1812)
Senie, John, Mile-end, Miracles (1812)
Senier, Mrs., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Senior, Mr., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Seppings, Mrs. Rob., Fakenham, Prophecy (1809)
Serjeant, Mr., Islington, Prophecy (1809)
Serjeant, K., Islington, Miracles (1812)
Sewell, Mr. Benjamin, Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Sewell, Benjamin, Esq., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Sewell, Benjamin, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Sewell, Benjamin, Esq., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Sewell, Benjamin, Esq., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Sewell, Mrs., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Sewell, Mrs., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Sewell, Miss, Norwich, Parables (1815)
Sewell, Mrs., Catton, Norwich, Parables (1815)
Sharman, Mrs., Wellingborough, Doctrines (1818)
Sharman, Samuel, Esq., Wellingborough, Miracles (1812)
Sharman, Samuel, Esq., Wallingborough, Duties (1819)
Sharpe, Richard, Esq., M.P., Prophecy (1809)
Sharpe, William, Esq., Park-lane, Prophecy (1809)
Sharp, William, Esq., Park-Iane, Miracles (1812)
Sharpe, Mrs. William, Prophecy (1809)
Shaw, Benjamin, Esq. M.P., Parables (1815)
Shaw, B., Esq., M.P., Doctrines (1818)
Shaw, B., Esq., Cornhill, Duties (1819)
Shaw, Mr. John, Plummer's-row, Whitechapel, Parables (1815)
Shaw, Mr., Gracechurch-street, Parables (1815)
Shaw, Mr. George, Custom-house, Duties (1819)
Shaw, Mr., Kent-road, Comparison (1823)
Sheppard, Mr. , Prophecy (1809)
Shepard, Mr., 9, Palace-street, Pimlico, Miracles (1812)
Shephard, Miss, Reading, Doctrines (1818)
Shepherd, Mr. Joseph, West-square, Duties (1819)
Shepherd, Rev. Richard Herne, Palace-street, Pimlico, Parables (1815)
Shepherd, Rev. R. Herne, Palace-street, Pimlico, Doctrines (1818)
Shepherd, Rev. R. H., Palace-street, Pimlico, Duties (1819)
Shepperson, Mr. Matthew, London Registry, Doctor's Commons, Prophecy (1809)
Sherbourne, Mrs., 3, Gould's-square, Crutched-friars, Comparison (1823)
Sherlock, Mrs., Lower Sloane-street, Doctrines (1818)
Sherlock, Mrs., Chelsea, Duties (1819)
Sherriff, James Lumsden, Esq., Deptford, Prophecy (1809)
Shilston, Joseph, Upper Thornhaugh-street, Bedford-square, Parables (1815)
Shilston, Mr. Joseph, 1, Upper Thornhaugh-street, Doctrines (1818)
Shilston, Mr. Joseph, Upper Thornhaugh-street, Duties (1819)
Shilston, Mr., 1, Upper Thornhaugh-street, Comparison (1823)
Silverd, Mrs., 25, Tabernacle-walk, Doctrines (1818)
Simmonds, Mr. Rev., Hastings, Parables (1815)
Simmonds, Rev. Mr., Hastings, Doctrines (1818)
Simmons, Mrs., 39, Percival-street, Northampton-square, Miracles (1812)
Simpson, Mr. David, 57, Bishopsgate-street, Miracles (1812)
Simpson, Mr., at Mr. Emerson's Whitechapel, Miracles (1812)
Simpson, Mr., Staverton-row, Walworth-road, Duties (1819)
Simpson, Mrs., 9, Tiverton-row, Walworth, Comparison (1823)
Sims, Mrs., Miracles (1812)
Sims, Mrs., Camberwell, Parables (1815)
Sims, Mrs., 3, Clarence-row, Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Sims, William, Esq., Miracles (1812)
Sinclair, Mr. G., Union-yard, Limehouse, Comparison (1823)
Skidmore, Mrs., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Skinner, Mrs., Spelhurst-street, Burton-crescent, Duties (1819)
Sleigh, Mr. William, Walsal [Walsall], Prophecy (1809)
Sloman, Mr., Southgate, Miracles (1812)
Sloper, G. E., Etchilhampton, near Devizes, Miracles (1812)
Sloper, Mr. N. E., student, Hoxton-academy, Miracles (1812)
Sloper, Rev. N. E., Hemus-terrace, Chelsea, Doctrines (1818)
Sloper, Rev. N. E., Hemus-terrace, Chelsea, Duties (1819)
Sloper, Rev. Isaac, Beccles, Suffolk, Duties (1819)
Sloper, Rev. Mr., London, Parables (1815)
Sloper, Rev. R., Devizes, Miracles (1812)
Smale, Henry, Esq., 8, York-place, Walworth, Prophecy (1809)
Smale, Henry, Esq., York-place, Walworth, Miracles (1812)
Smith, -, Esq., Hammersmith, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, -, Esq., Hammersmith, Miracles (1812)
Smith, James, 18, Colchester-street, Miracles (1812)
Smith, Joseph, Esq., Field-court, Gray's-inn, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, Joseph, Esq., Gray's-inn-lane, Miracles (1812)
Smith, Joseph, Esq. Houndsditch, Parables (1815)
Smith, Joseph, Esq., Houndsditch, Doctrines (1818)
Smith, Joseph, Esq., Hounsditch [Houndsditch], Duties (1819)
Smith, Miss, Borough, Southwark, Parables (1815)
Smith, Miss, Cannon-street-road, Duties (1819)
Smith, Miss Clara, Field-court, Gray's-inn, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, Miss, Field-court, Gray's-inn, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, Miss, Low-layton, Miracles (1812)
Smith, Miss, Mile-end, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, Miss, Mile-end, Miracles (1812)
Smith, Miss, Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, Miss, Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Smith, Miss, Plaistow, Essex, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, Mr. Eusebius, Bartholomew-square, Duties (1819)
Smith, Mr. F., 10, Hatfield-street, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, Mr. Frederick, Postern-row, Tower-hill, Duties (1819)
Smith, Mr. J. P., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Smith, Mr. J., Postern-row, Tower-hill, Duties (1819)
Smith, Mrs., Postern-row, Tower Hill, Doctrines (1818)
Smith, Mr. James, Corn-Market, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, Mr., Upper Thames-street, Parables (1815)
Smith, Mr. John, 50, Upper-Thames-street, Doctrines (1818)
Smith, Mr., Upper Thames-street, Duties (1819)
Smith, Mrs., 50, Upper Thames-street, Comparison (1823)
Smith, Mrs. M., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Smith, Mrs. Mary, London, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, Robert, Esq., F.R.S., F.A.S., Champion-Hill, Camberwell, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, Mrs. Robert, Champion-Hill, Camberwell, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, R., Esq., F.R.S., F.A.S., Low-layton, Miracles (1812)
Smith, Mrs. Robert, Low-layton, Miracles (1812)
Smith, Robert, Esq. F.R.S. F.A.S., Low Layton, Parables (1815)
Smith, Robert, Esq., F.R.S., F.A.S., Low Layton, Doctrines (1818)
Smith, Robert, Esq., F.R.S., F.A.S., Low Layton, Duties (1819)
Smith, Mr. Robert, Hoxton Town, Parables (1815)
Smith, Mr. Robert, jun., Bartholomew-square, Duties (1819)
Smith, Mr. Sargeant, jun., 126, Houndsditch, Comparison (1823)
Smith, Mr. Thomas, Wymondham, Duties (1819)
Smith, Mrs., Nine Elms Lane, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, Mrs., Nottingham, Prophecy (1809)
Smith, Thomas, Esq., Mansion-house, Comparison (1823)
Snee, Mr. J. A., Bartlett's-buildings, Duties (1819)
Snelgar, the Rev. Mr., High-Wycombe, Prophecy (1809)
Snelgar, Rev. Jacob, High-wycombe, Miracles (1812)
Snelgar, Rev. Jacob, Hampstead, Parables (1815)
Snelgar, Rev. Jacob, Hampstead, Doctrines (1818)
Snelgar, Rev. Jacob, Hampstead, Duties (1819)
Somerville, [ - ], Esq., Rotherhithe, Prophecy (1809)
Soret, Mr., Bath-place, Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Souse, J. D., Esq., Fishmongers' Hall, Doctrines (1818)
Southey, Robert, Esq., Keswick, Cumberland, Prophecy (1809)
Southgate, J. W., Esq., Forrest-hill, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Southgate, William, Fountain-cottage, Grove, Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Sparks, Mr., Cornhill, Duties (1819)
Sparrow, Right Hon. Lady Olivia, Parables (1815)
Sparrow, the Right Hon. Lady Olivia, Doctrines (1818)
Sparrow, the Right Hon. Lady Olivia, Duties (1819)
Sparrow, Right Hon. Lady Olivia, Comparison (1823)
Sprattling, Mr. , Prophecy (1809)
Spratling, Mr., Colchester, Miracles (1812)
St. Aubin, Mr., Conduit-street, Miracles (1812)
Standwicke, Mr., Covent-garden, Miracles (1812)
Stanhope, Vice Admiral Sir Henry Edwyn, Prophecy (1809)
Stanhope, Admiral Sir Henry Edwyn, Bart, etc., Miracles (1812)
Stanley, John, Esq., Stockport, Parables (1815)
Stanley, Thomas, Esq., Stockport, Parables (1815)
Starmer, Miss Eliza, 5, Church-court, Strand, Doctrines (1818)
Starmer, Elizabeth, Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, Duties (1819)
Steele, James, Lime-street-square, Parables (1815)
Steel, Mr. James, 6, Lime-street-square, Doctrines (1818)
Steele, Mr. James, Lime-street-square, Duties (1819)
Steel, Thomas, Esq., Stockport, Miracles (1812)
Steel, Thomas, Esq., Lark-hill, Stockport, Parables (1815)
Steel, Mr. Thomas, Lark-hill, Stockport, Duties (1819)
Steele, Mr., Camberwell-green, Comparison (1823)
Sterry, Mr. Nathaniel, Minories, Prophecy (1809)
Stevenson, Mr. George, Bow-lane, Prophecy (1809)
Stevenson, Mr., Bow-lane, Miracles (1812)
Stevenson, Rev. Robert, Castle Hedingham, Parables (1815)
Stevenson, Rev. R., Castle Hedingham, Doctrines (1818)
Stevenson, Rev. R., Castle Hedingham, Duties (1819)
Stibbs, Mr. George Gines, Camberwell, Surrey, Duties (1819)
Stibbs, Mr. G. G., Comparison (1823)
Stiff, Mr. Z. C., New-street, Covent-garden, Miracles (1812)
Stiff, Mr. Z. C., New-street, Covent-garden, Parables (1815)
Stiff, Mr. Zachariah, New-street, Covent-garden, Doctrines (1818)
Stiff, Mr. Z. C., New-street, Covent-garden, Duties (1819)
Stiff, Z. C., Esq., 13, New-street, Covent-garden, Comparison (1823)
Stocktons, Miss, 79, Whitechapel, Miracles (1812)
Stockton, Miss, Whitechapel, Parables (1815)
Stockton, Miss Elizabeth, 79, High-street, Whitechapel, Doctrines (1818)
Stockton, Mr. J., Whitechapel, Duties (1819)
Stokes, Mesd. Brown and, Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Stokes, Mesd. Brown and, Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Stokes, Robert, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Stokes, Mr., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Stokes, William, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Stokes, W., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Stokes, W., Esq., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Stonard, Joseph, Esq., Tower-hill, Prophecy (1809)
Stonard, Joseph, Esq., Gray's-inn-lane, Miracles (1812)
Stonard, Joseph, Esq., Stamford-hill, Parables (1815)
Stonard, Joseph, Esq., Stamford-hill, Doctrines (1818)
Stonard, Joseph, Esq., Stamford-hill, Duties (1819)
Stone, Wm., Esq., Dock-yard, Deptford, Comparison (1823)
Stott, Wm., Esq., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Stratton, Mr., Pond-street, Hampstead, Doctrines (1818)
Street, Mr. W. J., Prophecy (1809)
Strey, Mrs., Brunswick-square, Prophecy (1809)
Sturdwick, Miss, Covent-garden, Prophecy (1809)
Strudwick, Mr., Covent-garden, Parables (1815)
Strudwicke, Mr., Covent-garden, Comparison (1823)
Strutt, Mr. John, Bethnal Green, Doctrines (1818)
Stubbs, Charles, Esq., Westmoreland-place, Duties (1819)
Stubbs, Charles, Esq., Westmoreland-place, City-road, Comparison (1823)
Stubbs, Miss, Blackheath-hill, Comparison (1823)
Stubbs, Miss, Westmoreland-place, City-road, Doctrines (1818)
Stubbs, Miss, Westmoreland-place, City-road, Duties (1819)
Stubbs, Miss Isabella, Westmoreland-place, City-road, Duties (1819)
Sturdey, Mrs., Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Sturkie, Mr., Craven-street, City-road, Doctrines (1818)
Styles, the Rev. John, Brighton, Prophecy (1809)
Styles, Rev. John, Brighton, Miracles (1812)
Styles, Rev. John, D.D., Brighton, Parables (1815)
Styles, Rev. Dr., Brighton, Doctrines (1818)
Styles, Rev. Dr., Brighton, Duties (1819)
Sussex, His Royal Highness the Duke of, etc., Parables (1815)
Sussex, His Royal Highness the Duke of, K.G., etc., Doctrines (1818)
Sussex, His Royal Highness the Duke of, K.G., etc., Duties (1819)
Sussex, His Royal Highness the Duke of, K.G., Comparison (1823)
Swaine, Henry James, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Swain, Mr. John, Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Swain, Mr. John, Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Swain, John, Esq., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Swaine, Mr. Thomas, Dock-head, Miracles (1812)
Swann, Mr. Kirk, Nottingham, Prophecy (1809)
Swindells, Mr. John, sen., Stockport, Miracles (1812)
Sykes, Mr., Milk-street, Prophecy (1809)
Sykes, Mr., Milk-street, Miracles (1812)
Syme, Miss Elizabeth, Dundee, Miracles (1812)
Symes, Capt., Mile-end, Miracles (1812)
Symons, Mr., Percival-street, Parables (1815)
Sysum, Mr., 23, Bunhill-row, Doctrines (1818)
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Talbot, the Right Honourable Lady Ann, Prophecy (1809)
Talford, Mr., Reading, Prophecy (1809)
Tassett, Mr. E. D. G., 6, Marlboroughsplace, Walworth, Miracles (1812)
Tayler, Miss, King's-road, Gray's-inn-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Taylor, Mr. E., Crescent, Jewin-street, Doctrines (1818)
Taylor, John, Esq., Blackheath, Prophecy (1809)
Taylor, John, Esq., 5, St. George's-row, Hyde Park, Miracles (1812)
Taylor, Mr. Josiah, Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Taylor, Richard, Esq., Epping, Doctrines (1818)
Taylor, Mr. Robert, 37, North-street, City-road, Doctrines (1818)
Taylor, Mr. S., jun., 2, Crow-row, Mile-end, Duties (1819)
Taylor, S. S., Esq., Southampton, Miracles (1812)
Taylor, Samuel, Esq., Little Bowden, Northamptonshire, Doctrines (1818)
Tayler, Samuel, Esq., Little-Bowden, Northamptonshire, Duties (1819)
Taylor, T. C., Esq., Counter-hill, Prophecy (1809)
Taylor, T. E., Esq., New-cross, Miracles (1812)
Taylor, Mr. Thomas, Luker-street, Commercial-road, Doctrines (1818)
Taylor, Rev. Thos., King's Road, Bedford-row, Parables (1815)
Tayler, Rev. Thomas, King's-road, Gray's-inn-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Tayler, Rev. Thomas, King's-road, Gray's-in-lane [Gray's-inn-lane], Duties (1819)
Tayler, Rev. Thomas, King's-road, Gray's-inn-lane, Comparison (1823)
Taylor, Master Thomas, 23, Prince's-street, Spitalfields, Comparison (1823)
Taylor, Mrs. Walter, Caversham, Prophecy (1809)
Taylor, Mrs. Walter, Caversham, Miracles (1812)
Taylor, W., Esq., Lambeth, Miracles (1812)
Teede, Mr. George, Queen's-row, Pimlico, Duties (1819)
Teed, Mr. George, Eaton-street, Pimlico, Comparison (1823)
Templeman, Miss Jane, Walthamstow, Parables (1815)
Terrant, Rev. Mr., Duties (1819)
Tew, Mr. William, 105, Lower Thames-street, Doctrines (1818)
Thodey, Mr. Samuel, Old-college, Homerton, Miracles (1812)
Thodey, Rev. Mr., Homerton, Parables (1815)
Thodey, Rev. Mr., Doctrines (1818)
Thodes, Rev. Mr., Duties (1819)
Thodey, Rev. Samuel, Cambridge, Comparison (1823)
Thomas, John, London, Miracles (1812)
Thomas, Rev. John, M. A., Great Bunsted, Essex, Comparison (1823)
Thomas, Miss Louisa, Battersea, Prophecy (1809)
Thomas, Miss Louisa, Battersea, Miracles (1812)
Thomas, Miss, 8, Red-lion-square, Doctrines (1818)
Thomas, Miss, Battersea, Prophecy (1809)
Thomas, Miss, Battersea, Miracles (1812)
Thomas, Miss, Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Thomas, Miss, Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Thomas, Mr. Griffith, Minories, Duties (1819)
Thomas, Mrs., Bridge-street, Westminster, Miracles (1812)
Thomas, Mrs., Bridge-street, Westminster, Parables (1815)
Thomas, Mrs., Bridge-street, Westminster, Doctrines (1818)
Thomas, Mrs., Bridge-street, Westminster, Duties (1819)
Thomas, Mrs., Lower Eaton-street, Pimlico, Comparison (1823)
Thomas, Mrs., Westminster-bridge, Prophecy (1809)
Thomas, R. G., Esq., Tavistock-place, Tavistock-square, Prophecy (1809)
Thomas, R. G., Esq., Tooting-Iodge, Miracles (1812)
Thomas, Mr. R. G., Tooting-Iodge, Surrey, Parables (1815)
Thomas, Thomas, jun., Peckham, Duties (1819)
Thomas, Rev. W. W., Cardigan, Duties (1819)
Thompson, Miss, St. George's East, Prophecy (1809)
Thomson, Miss, 14, St. George's-place, East, Miracles (1812)
Thornton, Mr. Henry, Sidney-street, City-road, Prophecy (1809)
Thornton, H., Charlton-crescent, Miracles (1812)
Thornton, Mr., Chelsea, Parables (1815)
Tiley, Mrs. William, jun., Reading, Prophecy (1809)
Tiley, Miss, Reading, Miracles (1812)
Tipple, Mr. Cornelius, Wymondham, Duties (1819)
Tomline, Mr. William, Lombard-street, Parables (1815)
Tompkins, Mr. Samuel, Winchester, Miracles (1812)
Toppings, Mrs. Rob., Fakenham, Prophecy (1809)
Towse, John David, Esq., Fishmonger's-hall, Parables (1815)
Touse, J. D., Esq., Fishmonger's-hall, Duties (1819)
Tribe, Mrs., Marden, Kent, Miracles (1812)
Trimmer, George, Esq., Peckham, Parables (1815)
Trimmer, George, Rye-lane, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Trimmer, George, Rye-lane, Peckham, Duties (1819)
Trimmer, Mr. George, Rye-lane, Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Trimmer, George, Esq., Peckham, Comparison (1823)
Trowbridge, Mr., sudent, Ackminster-Academy [Axminster], Prophecy (1809)
Trowbridge, Mr., student, Axminster, Miracles (1812)
Tryer, William, Esq., Winbourn [Wimbourne], Dorset, Parables (1815)
Tucker, Mrs., Castle-street, Falcon-square, Miracles (1812)
Turmock, Mr. C., Macclesfield, Prophecy (1809)
Turner, Mr. Charles, Stockport, Parables (1815)
Turner, Mr. E., Wellington-street, New Kent-road, Duties (1819)
Turner, Rev. E. P., 26, Bridges-street, Covent-garden, Doctrines (1818)
Turner, Rev. E. P., Bridges-street, Covent-garden, Duties (1819)
Turpin, Mr., Booth-street, Spitalfields, Prophecy (1809)
Twycross, Mr., Newcastle-street, Miracles (1812)
Tyler, Mr. William, Reading, Miracles (1812)
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Underhill, Mr., Hackney, Duties (1819)
Unwin, Mr. Stephen, Coggleshall, Essex, Prophecy (1809)
Unwin, Mr. Stephen, Coggeshall, Essex, Miracles (1812)
Upton, Mr. Edward, Queenhithe, Duties (1819)
Upton, Rev. Mr., Blackfriars, Doctrines (1818)
Upton, Rev. Mr., Blackfriars, Duties (1819)
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Vagel, Mr. J. B. G., Doctrines (1818)
Vale, Miss S., Lark Cottage, Furzedown, Streatham, Duties (1819)
Vansittart, the Right Hon. N., Chancellor of the Exchequer, etc., Doctrines (1818)
Vansittart, the Right Hon. N., Chancellor of the Exchequer, etc., Duties (1819)
Vidler, Mr. Thomas, jun., Leonard-street, Finsbury, Prophecy (1809)
Vidler, Mr. Thomas, Leonard-street, Finsbury, Miracles (1812)
Vidler, Mr. Thomas, Leonard-street, Shoreditch, Parables (1815)
Vincent, Mr., Jerusalem-passage, Clerkenwell, Miracles (1812)
Vincent, Mr. T., Llandaff-house Academy, White-lion-street, Pentonville, Comparison (1823)
Vischer, -, Esq., 2, Austin-friars, Miracles (1812)
Vogel, Mr., St. George's-place, Camberwell, Duties (1819)
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Wakeman, Thomas, 26, Alfred-place, Goswell-street-road, Miracles (1812)
Walker, Mrs., Homerton, Doctrines (1818)
Walker, Mrs., Warwick-square, Duties (1819)
Walker, Mrs., Wardrobe-terrace, Doctors Commons, Comparison (1823)
Walker, Thomas, Esq., Piccadilly, Doctrines (1818)
Walker, Thomas, Esq., Piccadilly, Duties (1819)
Walker, Thomas, Esq., Piccadilly, Comparison (1823)
Wall, Mr. Capell, Brook-street, Holborn, Prophecy (1809)
Wall, Mr. Capell, Brooke-street, Holborn, Miracles (1812)
Wall, Rev. John, Trinity-lane-chapel, Chester, Miracles (1812)
Wall, Rev. George, Huddersfield, Parables (1815)
Wallington, Mr. Thomas, Prophecy (1809)
Wallington, Mr. Thomas, Miracles (1812)
Wallington, Mr. Timothy, Basinghall-street, Miracles (1812)
Wallis, Mr. John, George-yard, Lombard-street, Prophecy (1809)
Wallis, John, 2, George-yard, Miracles (1812)
Wallis, Mr., Quondow, Leicestershire, Parables (1815)
Walter, Mr. John, 56, Cannon-street, Doctrines (1818)
Walter, Mr. John, 56, Cannon-street, Duties (1819)
Walters, Miss, Maden Thorne, Kent, Prophecy (1809)
Walton, Miss, Little-britain, Miracles (1812)
Want, Miss, North Crescent, Parables (1815)
Want, Miss, 9, North Crescent, Bedford-square, Doctrines (1818)
Ward, the Right Honourable Lady Arabella, Prophecy (1809)
Ware, James, Esq., Bridge-street, Prophecy (1809)
Ware, James, Esq., Bridge-street, Miracles (1812)
Waring, Mrs. Barnes, Miracles (1812)
Warner, Mr. J., Prophecy (1809)
Warner, Mr., Greenwich, Prophecy (1809)
Warner, Mr., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Warren, Augustus, Esq., East-India-House, Prophecy (1809)
Warren, A., Esq., East-India-House, Miracles (1812)
Warren, Mr., 7, Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, Miracles (1812)
Warton, Mr., jun., Ratcliff, Duties (1819)
Warton, Mrs., Spital-square, Duties (1819)
Warwick, Mr., Theobald's-road, Doctrines (1818)
Waters, --, Esq., Fenchurch-street, Parables (1815)
Watson, Mr., Wapping, Parables (1815)
Watson, Mr., Doctrines (1818)
Watt, Mr. John, 4, King-street, Borough, Doctrines (1818)
Watt, Mr. J., King-street, Borough, Duties (1819)
Watts, Miss, Fenchurch-street, Doctrines (1818)
Weatherby, Mr., 48, Basinghall-street, Prophecy (1809)
Weatherby, Mrs., 48, Basinghall-street, Prophecy (1809)
Weatherley, Miss, Basinghall-street, Miracles (1812)
Webb, Mr., Walworth, Prophecy (1809)
Webb, Mr. W., 24, Fish-street-hill, Doctrines (1818)
Wedd, Joseph P., Esq., Royston, Doctrines (1818)
Wedd, Mr. George, Gainsford-street, City-road, Doctrines (1818)
Weller, Mrs., Doctrines (1818)
Wellford, Mr. Francis, Nottingham, Miracles (1812)
Wells, Miss, Fakenham, Norfolk, Prophecy (1809)
Wells, Mr. John, at Rev. George Collinson's, Hackney, Miracles (1812)
West, Miss P., West-square, Prophecy (1809)
West, Miss Phoebe, West-square, Miracles (1812)
West, Mr. William, West-square, Miracles (1812)
West, Miss, West-square, Parables (1815)
West, Miss, West-square, Southwark, Doctrines (1818)
West, Miss, West-square, Duties (1819)
West, Mr. J. F., student, Hoxton, Prophecy (1809)
West, Mr. J., Crane-court, Fleet-street, Parables (1815)
West, Mrs., Merton, Prophecy (1809)
West, Miss, Merton, Miracles (1812)
West, Mr., Merton, Miracles (1812)
Westall, Mr. William, Canterbury-square, Parables (1815)
Weston, Mrs., Parables (1815)
Westwood, Mr., Newgate-street, Parables (1815)
Westwood, Mr. Robert, Newgate-street, Doctrines (1818)
Whalley, Mrs., Islington, Miracles (1812)
Whamby, Mrs., 60, Leman-street, Goodman's-fields, Comparison (1823)
Whinn, Mrs., 5, Walworth-terrace, Prophecy (1809)
Whinn, Mrs., 5, Walworth-terrace, Miracles (1812)
Whitaker, John, Esq., Macclesfield, Parables (1815)
Whittaker, John, esq., Macclesfield, Doctrines (1818)
Whitaker, Mrs., Kensington, Prophecy (1809)
Whitaker, Mrs., Kensington, Miracles (1812)
White, John, 66, Bishopsgate-street within, Miracles (1812)
White, John, Dowgate-wharf, Miracles (1812)
White, Miss, Upper Fountain-place, City-road, Duties (1819)
White, Mr. Charles, Barnet, Parables (1815)
White, Mr. Charles, Barnet, Duties (1819)
White, Mr. Charles, Barnet, Doctrines (1818)
White, Mr. James, Wood-street, Prophecy (1809)
White, Mr. J. N., 8, Wood-street, Prophecy (1809)
White, Mr. J. Neville, 8, Wood-street, Miracles (1812)
White, James, Camberwell, Miracles (1812)
White, Mr., 16, Wood-street, Prophecy (1809)
White, Mr. William, 16, Wood-street, Miracles (1812)
White, Mr. W., 16, Wood-street, Doctrines (1818)
White, Mr. William, Wood-street, Duties (1819)
White, W. H., Camden-place, Doctrines (1818)
White, Mrs., Nottingham, Prophecy (1809)
White, Mrs., Nottingham, Miracles (1812)
Whitehead, Miss, Acton, Prophecy (1809)
Whitehead, Miss, Edinburgh, Parables (1815)
Whitehead, Mr. James, Edinburgh, Parables (1815)
Whitelock, Mr. Thomas, St. John's-square, Parables (1815)
Whiting, Mr., Finsbury-place, Prophecy (1809)
Wightman, Mr. Charles, Abchurch-lane, Lombard-street, Doctrines (1818)
Wightman, Charles, Abchurch-lane, Duties (1819)
Wilberforce, William, Esq., M.P., Prophecy (1809)
Wilberforce, William, Esq., M.P., etc., Miracles (1812)
Wilberforce, William, Esq. M.P., Parables (1815)
Wilberforce, William, Esq., M.P., Doctrines (1818)
Wilberforce, William, Esq., M.P., Duties (1819)
Wild, W., Esq., Wood-street, Comparison (1823)
Wilkinson, Robert, Esq., Fenchurch-street, Doctrines (1818)
Wilkinson, Robert, Esq., Fenchurch-street, Duties (1819)
Wilkinson, Mr. Robert, Fenchurch-street, Comparison (1823)
Wilkinson, Mr., Broker's-row, Moorfields, Prophecy (1809)
Wilkinson, Mr., Moorfields, Miracles (1812)
Wilkinson, Thomas, 60, Prescot-street, Miracles (1812)
Wilkinson, Thomas, Esq., Blackheath, Parables (1815)
Wilks, John, Esq., Hoxton-square, Miracles (1812)
Wilkes, John, Esq., Finsbury-square, Parables (1815)
Wilks, John, Esq., Finsbury-square, Comparison (1823)
Wilks, Rev. Mark, Norwich, Doctrines (1818)
Willatts, Thomas, Fore-street, Miracles (1812)
Willatts, Thomas, Esq., Fore-street, Parables (1815)
Willatts, Thomas, Esq., Fore-street, Doctrines (1818)
William, Mr. Stephen, Temple-chambers, Fleet-street, Doctrines (1818)
Williams, Rev. David, Llanwrtyd, Doctrines (1818)
Williams, Mr. Eleizer, Oxford-street, Miracles (1812)
Williams, Mr. George, Nottingham, Prophecy (1809)
Williams, George, Nottingham, Miracles (1812)
Williams, Rev. Griffith, Gate-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, Doctrines (1818)
Williams, Rev. Griffiths, Gate-street, Lincoln's Inn-fields, Duties (1819)
Williams, Rev. G., 9, Gate-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, Comparison (1823)
Williams, Miss, Doctrines (1818)
Williams, Miss, Duties (1819)
Williams, Mr., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Williams, Mr., Windmill-street, Finsbury, Duties (1819)
Williams, Rev. James, Tynycoed, Doctrines (1818)
Williams, Mr. J. B., Shrewsbury, Duties (1819)
Williams, Rev. Thomas, Stepney-green, Prophecy (1809)
Williams, Mr. T., Stationer's-court, Miracles (1812)
Williams, Mr. Thomas, Academy, Poplar, Parables (1815)
Williamson, Mr., Peckham, Prophecy (1809)
Williamson, Mrs., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Williamson, Mr. Joseph, Peckham, Parables (1815)
Williamson, Joseph, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Wilson, Benjamin, Devonshire-street, Bishopsgate, Miracles (1812)
Wilson, Mrs. F., Peckham, Miracles (1812)
Wilson, Mr. George, Leeds, Parables (1815)
Wilson, Mr. Henry, Battersea Fields, Parables (1815)
Wilson, Henry, Esq., Battersea-fields, Doctrines (1818)
Wilson, Mr. H. V., Battersea, Surrey, Doctrines (1818)
Wilson, Mr. H. V., Battersea New Town, Duties (1819)
Wilson, Mr. H. V., Upper-Eaton-street, Pimlico, Comparison (1823)
Wilson, Joshua, Esq., Islington, Parables (1815)
Wilson, Joshua, Esq., Islington, Doctrines (1818)
Wilson, Joshua, Esq., Islington, Duties (1819)
Wilson, Messrs. Maxwell &, Skinner-street, Prophecy (1809)
Wilson, Mr. Thomas, Cannon-street, Parables (1815)
Wilson, Mr. W., the Point, Rotherhithe, Prophecy (1809)
Wilson, William, Point, Rotherhithe, Miracles (1812)
Wilson, Mr. W. N., York-place, Batersea-new-town, Miracles (1812)
Wilson, Mrs., Peckham Rye-lane, Parables (1815)
Wilson, Mrs., Rye-lane, Peckham, Doctrines (1818)
Wilson, Mrs., Walworth, Comparison (1823)
Winchester, William, Esq., 17, Cecil-street, Strand, Prophecy (1809)
Windsor, the Honourable and Rev. the Dean of, Prophecy (1809)
Windsor, the Honourable and Very Reverend the Dean of, etc., Miracles (1812)
Windsor, the Hon. and Very Rev. the Dean of, Parables (1815)
Witts, Broome P., Esq., Brunswick-square, Parables (1815)
Wood, John, Esq., Kent-road, Doctrines (1818)
Wood, Joseph, Esq., Portsmouth-place, Kennington-lane, Parables (1815)
Wood, Joseph, Esq., Portsmouth-place, Lower Kennington-lane, Doctrines (1818)
Wood, Mr., Bucklersbury, Miracles (1812)
Woods, R. C., Esq., Blackwall, Doctrines (1818)
Woolley, Miss Elizabeth, Knight Rider-court, Doctors Commons, Duties (1819)
Woolley, Mr., East India House, Miracles (1812)
Woolley, Mr., East-India House, Parables (1815)
Woolley, Mr., India House, Doctrines (1818)
Woolley, Mrs., Mark-street, Finsbury, Doctrines (1818)
Woon, Mr. William, Fenchurch-buildings, Prophecy (1809)
Woon, Mr., John-street, Curtain-road, Miracles (1812)
Wort, Mrs., 6, North-Crescent, Bedford-square, Comparison (1823)
Wright, Mr. Charles, New Cross, Doctrines (1818)
Wright, Rev. George, Stamford, Lincolnshire, Duties (1819)
Wright, J. M., Esq., Peckham Rye, Parables (1815)
Wright, J. M., Esq., Peckham-rye, Doctrines (1818)
Wright, Mr., Peckham-rye, Doctrines (1818)
Wright, William, Nottingham, Miracles (1812)
Wyatt, Miss, Miracles (1812)
Wyatt, Miss, Newington-green, Prophecy (1809)
Wyatt, Mr. R. B., Newington-green, Prophecy (1809)
Wyatt, Mr. R. B., Miracles (1812)
Wyatt, Mr., Newington-green, Prophecy (1809)
Wyatt, Mr., Newington-green, Miracles (1812)
Wyatt, Mrs., Newington-green, Prophecy (1809)
Wyatt, Mrs., Miracles (1812)
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Yockney, Mr. , Prophecy (1809)
Yockney, Mr., Bedford-street, Covent-garden, Miracles (1812)
Yockney, Rev. John, Islington, Parables (1815)
Yockney, Rev. John, Islington, Doctrines (1818)
Yockney, Rev. John, Islington, Duties (1819)
Young, Mr. G. H., Grove-street, Deptford, Prophecy (1809)
Young, R. S., 4, Camden-place, Miracles (1812)
Young, Mr. R., Mr. Forbes's, Surgeon, Camberwell, Duties (1819)
Young, Mr. Robert, Camberwell, Doctrines (1818)
Young, Mr. William, Stockport, Miracles (1812)
Young, Mr. William, Stockport, Parables (1815)
Youngman, Mr. Benjamin, Duties (1819)
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